15 years of LED lighting projects

Celebrating 15 years of LED lighting projects


Since 2006 Hospitals have saved up to 75% in their lighting bills with Goodlight’s range of energy-efficient LED lighting which can make a significant difference to NHS budgets. Hospitals are one of the few environments that need to be well-lit 24 hours a day and adequate lighting is essential in all areas. This includes wards, operating theatres, emergency departments, dispensary, emergency and waiting rooms, reception areas, consulting rooms, corridors and canteens Hospitals can be daunting places for patients and visitors alike, by replacing existing fluorescent lighting with LED retrofit equivalents ensures that the lighting is glare-free, shadow-free and bright.

Lighting maintenance costs are no longer an issue as Goodlight LED lighting is maintenance free – meaning that you won’t have to touch them once installed. All LED lighting is backed up with a 5 Year Guarantee, and even more significant, with Goodlight LED lighting, hospitals can save up to 95% in maintenance overheads.

For hospitals that require extreme energy savings, find out about Light Boss™ Wireless Lighting Control that is compatible with all Goodlight LED lighting.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital were looking for a reliable retrofit tube lighting solution

The Royal Surrey County Hospital, run by the NHS Foundation Trust, is a leading General Hospital located just outside of Guildford. It became one of the first NHS trusts in 1991 and treats over 260,000 patients a year.

The Hospital had previously installed tube lighting that kept failing and they were looking for a retrofit solution to save on costs. Most significantly, reliability was important, so our Goodlight LED Tubes were trialled in one of the Hospital’s operating theatres.

After a successful trial, Goodlight LED tubes were installed throughout the Hospital. The Hospital has slashed its carbon and maintenance savings by >80%.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital were looking for a reliable retrofit tube lighting solution

The NHS Oldham hospital transformed with LED lighting

NHS Oldham has transformed its hospital with energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the hospital wards and rooms. As part of an ongoing commitment to invest in their premises, and to capture much needed savings, NHS Oldham installed a variety of retrofit Goodlight LED lamps including 2D LED LampsT8 LED Tubes and PL LED Lamps to limit downtime as these LED equivalents slot directly into existing fittings. See the installation here

The NHS Oldham hospital transformed with LED lighting

Royal Marsden installs LED as part of energy saving programme

The world’s first hospital dedicated to cancer diagnosis, treatment and research, the Royal Marsden has been open since 1851. As part of an energy saving programme, the hospital re-lamped its existing fluorescent lighting to Goodlight LED lighting throughout their building portfolio. The project’s aim was not only to reduce energy consumption, but to also find suitable LED lighting that offered the same level of brightness. As the hospital is open 24 hours per day, 7 day a week, the hospital opted for retrofit LED lighting that simply fits into existing fittings, limiting downtime and disruption of hospital wards and rooms.

Since installing T5 and T8 LED Tubes, spotlights, 2D LED lamps and PL-L LED lamps, Royal Marsden Hospital has saved over 60% in energy savings. See the installation here.

Royal Marsden installs LED as part of energy saving programme



The G5 LED Batten is a stylish linear luminaire which delivers unparalleled energy savings of up to 75%. Replaces standard 2ft, 4ft and 5ft length twin tube fluorescent tube lighting but draws just 20W to 50W respectively. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, the G5 LED Batten is ideal for busy hospital environments looking for energy-efficient, cost-effective LED lighting solutions. Light output is also very bright, offering 110Lm/W over a 120° beam angle spread. The G5 is a glass-free batten LED luminaire which transmit over 95% light efficacy, making it ideal for hospital interiors. Emergency and dimmable  options available. Learn more about G5 here.

To replace fluorescent tube lighting found within hospitals, see our T8 LED Tube and T5 LED Tube ranges.

Goodlight G5-linear-luminaire


For hospitals that currently have dull, fluorescent ceiling panels, we recommend the modular Eco LED Panel which has been designed to slot into existing ceiling grids with ease. This modular LED Panel slots in with ease and is the thinnest and most lightweight LED ceiling panel on the market. The Eco delivers a uniform and even light efficiency of 100Lm/W. Our Eco LED Panels are available in a range of sizes to fit existing ceilings, including 300 x 300mm, 500 x 500mm, 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 600mm. Dimmable options available. Learn more about Eco here.

Goodlight Eco LED panel


Sleek hospitals looking for a stylish lighting upgrades should consider the Luxe II LED Panel. This new innovation is the best sleek LED panel on the market, incorporating angled opal diffusers that provide a uniform 80° light spread. The Luxe provides a more natural light output with a low glare. Ideal for Cat A / B fit outs as well as any hospitals that require an LED upgrade of a standard Cat 2 modular panel fitting. It is straightforward to install because of its internal driver, allowing for super quick installation. Dimmable and emergency (3 hour) options available. Learn more about Luxe here



For hospital spaces that have traditional CFL and halogen downlighters – either internally or externally in canopies, the G5 LED Downlight is the perfect replacement. The G5 LED Downlight delivers 94Lm/W and is water resistant – IP65 rated. Ideal for directional and general lighting in both interior and exterior hospital applications. Dimmable and emergency options available. Learn more about G5 LED Downlight here.



Lighting outside the hospital is just as important – the hospital grounds, walkways and paths need to be well lit to ensure that hospital staff and patients can see clearly. Ensuring that exterior lighting is IP65 rated (or higher) ensures that the light is resistant to water – ideal for spring and winter months. Replacing energy-draining, traditional bulkheads and 2D luminaires is simple with our retrofit 2D Anti-Corrosive LED Bulkhead which is suitable for both exterior use. The 2D features a black trim fascia which matches most fascias and gutters and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling mounted to enhance communal areas. It is the ideal security light for hospitals that provides 90Lm/W illumination. Emergency, Sensor and Sensor Emergency models available. Learn more about the 2D here.