Light Boss

SMART tech has revolutionised the way we manage our buildings with devices, sensors and gateways linked to cloud-based services
to provide a connected, ‘internet of things’ (IoT) network. Light Boss is a SMART IoT lighting control system
which is wireless and retrofittable to existing buildings!

Light Boss saves you energy, costs and maintenance, whilst meeting safety compliance obligations and keeping users safe.

If you are responsible for lighting Light Boss™ makes your job easier. Deliver savings on energy & maintenance costs, automate emergency light testing and meet safety compliance obligations.

Critically, Emergency lighting is managed remotely too, with all routine and periodic testing scheduled through the Portal, to meet a full Compliance regime to BS 5266.

Connected lighting reports back on energy, lighting health, testing and compliance in one or all of your sites, in one simple Lighting Dashboard.

Light Boss is a uniquely retrofittable, wireless lighting control system – your virtual lighting engineer! By digitising lighting with SMART technology (IOT), Light Boss allows owners and maintainers to improve energy efficiency in old, energy-hungry buildings.

Standard lighting is virtually monitored for energy and fault management, with a diagnostics tool which displays and forecasts faults, without any engineers required to visit site.


Less Energy Consumption (PA / up to)

Save on Energy Costs

Upgrading to SMART IoT connected lighting provides an energy and operational maintenance cost reduction of 70-85%. Lighting lifespans are extended by 5-10 times of traditional lighting.

The new, intelligent lighting is driven by LED light sources, which use a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, the ongoing benefits of sensor- driven usage (either occupancy or daylight-linked) mean your lighting is only being used when needed, delivering drastic and unrivalled cost-savings.

Light Boss SMART IoT lighting control reduces electricity costs, maintenance overheads and improves building energy ratings – with ROI periods from as little as 6 months.

Benefits of SMART IoT Connected lighting with Light Boss™

SMART lighting technology lowers your carbon footprint and improves building energy performance reducing your lighting load by up to 85%, and is cheaper to run, providing ROI from as little as 6 months. And then continues to save, by optimising lighting usage when and where it is required. By zoning areas, or grouping lighting to automated settings, intelligent lighting operates most efficiently, so all you do is save! Make the most of the sunlight, where it is available the system detects natural light and dims down to capture savings during daylight hours!

The digital approach to lighting buildings which is uniquely retrofittable, so older, inefficient buildings can now be energy and maintenance optimised. New builds fitted with building management systems, gather data and intelligence to aid owners and operators to maintain them efficiently, whilst maintaining lighting in old buildings or improving their energy rating comes at a significant cost. Now, you can transform costs and performance by a simple lighting change to SMART lighting, with the flexibility to future proof for 20 years ahead.

Our solution delivers design and deployment of SMART tech, which is sensor activated and self-reporting. Your connected IOT (Internet of Things) lighting, feeds its performance data back to the Dashboard. Maintainers are alerted to lighting faults by your virtual lighting engineer. Your emergency lighting compliance routine is automated, and no longer requires engineers to visit site for monthly and annual testing required by law. Your virtual lighting engineer self tests and certifies all critical lighting is operational in an emergency for compliance reporting. All testing is digitally archived, meeting compliance obligations for all responsible persons.

Using SMART lighting devices, we create your connected lighting network. Managing this remotely, you reduce engineer time on-site with a low touch lighting regime. Light Boss alerts you to lighting faults and diagnoses the solution. Your virtual lighting engineer can be accessed anytime, anywhere to pinpoint energy usage, faults or critical emergency lighting failure. This provides a live, direct feed to your lighting (for single or multiple connected sites) which you can access from any device (laptop, mobile, pc or tablet) by logging in anytime, anywhere.

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