Light Boss System Features

Make remotely monitored, low-touch lighting a reality.
It’s cost prohibitive to improve lighting or maintain lighting controls in old and antiquated buildings. Until now.
Light Boss provides a retrofittable solution, transforming your outdated, energy-hungry lighting into a smart IoT system, maximising energy efficiencies and providing remote lighting maintenance. You can deliver drastic savings in site visits and costs across your buildings.

Light Boss System Features

Reduce costs, improve efficiency

Automate and save

Automate emergency light testing, energy savings and lighting maintenance

Emergency Light Compliance

Meet full regulatory standards

Schedule remote EMG tests and reporting

Multi Site Management

Connected lighting reports back on energy, lighting health, testing and compliance

In one or all of your sites, in one simple Lighting Dashboard.

Daylight / occupancy optimised

Automate energy savings

Operate lighting where and when it is needed

Remote fault diagnostics

Save engineering time

Pinpoint lighting faults with diagnosis

Reports Suite and Email alerts

Digital Compliance Log

All compliance reporting is safely stored in a secure, digital archive

Retrofittable Lighting Control

Your virtual lighting engineer!

By digitising lighting, energy efficiency can be improved in old, energy-hungry buildings.

No cabling required

Retrofittable SMART IoT devices

Innovative, wireless lights with on-board sensors delivering lighting & energy data remotely.

Easy to use dashboard

Simple multi-site management

Connect to all your buildings from a single dashboard

Compare Traditional Lighting to Light Boss Smart IoT Control

With different types of lighting control available, see how they compare against one another.  IoT lighting provides precise digital control, with the added benefits of an infinitely extendable system.  You can continue to add lights into the network as your facilities develop and grow.  Modern logistics operations can manage lighting for 20 (or more) warehouse spaces all connected within the same network, as an example.

You can remotely monitor faults, schedule Emergency light testing and provide maintained lighting levels to suit operational requirements.  Accessed from anywhere, log into your Dashboard and download reports, measure energy consumption, or change settings.

Light Boss™ provides the IoT of lighting without any additional cabling, so unlike other systems it can be retrofitted into old buildings as part of your refurbishment at an unrivalled, low-cost and ROI.

Comparison with other control systemsLight Boss Smart Lighting ControlKNXDALI SystemStand Alone DALICentral Battery System
Extendable, can be scaled infinitelyYNNNN
Single Access for Multi-Site AnalysisYYNNN
Cloud basedYYNN
Access via Smart deviceYYNNN
Futureproof YYNN
Daylight MonitoringYYYYN
Maintained illuminanceYYYY
Emergency Test & ReportingYYYN
Luminaire Status MonitoringYEstimatedEstimatedNN
Status alertsYYYNY

Are you responsible for Lighting or Maintenance?

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SMART IoT tech revolutionises the way we manage our buildings with devices, sensors and gateways providing the Internet of Things (IoT)
Light Boss provides the lighting intelligence on your buildings in one place. Engineers are no longer needed to visit site to investigate, diagnose, reset or test your lighting.

With Light Boss IoT cloud-based lighting you have full remote control of your site lighting in the palm of your hands.

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