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We provide high-performance LED lighting for all sectors.
Choose your application below to see our LED lighting solutions, case studies and clients.

Wireless Lighting Control

Light Boss™ puts an intuitive lighting system at the heart of your building’s operation. Automate your lighting, triggered by occupancy or daylight. Light Boss™ dims down your lighting when no one is around, or when it detects natural light, and turns back up again when it is needed, for the ultimate energy efficient lighting control. Light Boss™ additionally reports on energy consumption, monitors LED and emergency lighting health and connects to other building services wirelessly! Learn more here

LED Lighting for Commercial Spaces

Our commercial LED lighting includes retrofit LED lamps which easily fit into existing fittings – simply plug in and start saving energy. As the pioneers in retrofit LED since 2006, our technology is light years ahead. Our LED lamps are better equipped for superior light performance with a longevity of 50,000 hours. They can dim, rotate, stay on during an emergency and switch off when no one is around. See our commercial LED lighting range here

Intelligent, Integrated LED Fixtures?

As well as lamps, our exceptional integrated LED fixtures have built-in intelligence that detect movement, turn off, dim and stay on in an emergency. With payback from as little as six months, using our commercial LED lighting solutions you will be amazed how much you can save on costs, maintenance and carbon.

The most reliable LED lamps and luminaires.


We’re so confident in the quality and performance of our products that all our lamps and luminaires are rated 50,000 hours, supported by a 5 Year Guarantee against failure. This is not simply a grand claim based on lab testing, it’s supported by all of the live Goodlight™ installations that have already exceeded 5 years.

Our LED lamps and luminaires are used by

Available Nationwide

You can purchase Goodlight LED products through our nationwide network of distributors, simply by quoting our model numbers for prompt service.

Available from the wholesalers listed below and select independents.

Installers and Partners

Our Approved Goodlight™ Representatives are fully trained to provide specialist, expert advice on our range. They can also support your project with an installation service, have access to bespoke Goodlight solutions and priority on stock availability. When you see the Goodlight™ Approved symbol, you know you’re in good hands.
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