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The Elegante 

The Goodlight™ Elegante LED Downlight is a design-driven, ceiling surface-mounted luminaire which seamlessly blends into interiors with its soft curves and sleek lines. It replaces standard CFL and halogen downlighters, providing a beautiful, natural symmetrical effect. Featuring an integral driver, it allows for quick and easy installation. With IP20 protection, options include opal reflector for low-glare environments and surface or pendant mounting. The Elegante range has an ultra-long lifespan of 50,000 hours (L70) providing extreme energy savings and meeting sustainability criteria with an A++ energy rating.

Learn more about Elegante here

The Modula 

The Goodlight™ Modula LED Downlight (Recessed) is a versatile, low voltage architectural downlighter with various aperture options to provide precision lighting performance using Pinhole, Wide Spot, Square and Elliptical light guides. Suitable for new builds plus refits and refurbs replacing energy-wasting halogen and CFL downlighters, they are protected to IP20, with a satin finish. Featuring sturdy spring clips for a tool-free installation, they slot into ø75mm apertures seamlessly. The body can be adjusted up to 30° for precise, angled lighting exactly where it is required. Choose from a series of apertures which focus the light to enhance your space. With an anti-glare lens, the Modula LED Downlight meets UGR <19. With a die-cast aluminium heat sink that draws heat away from the LED Chip, heat is tackled more effectively, improving the overall performance and longevity. Learn more about Modula here

The Moderno 

The Goodlight™ Moderno range of Adjustable LED Downlights provides precision engineering with extreme sophistication. With ultra-long lifespans of 50,000 hours and exceptionally low wattages, it is sustainable as well as virtually maintenance-free. A key feature is its versatility. Housed in a adjustable body, Moderno is fully flexible, once installed. You can direct the light exactly where it is required, utilising its 350° rotational mechanism. Moderno is a sturdy and durable LED Downlight with screw-tightened spring clips, which fix into place during installation.

Options include various cut-out sizes, wattages, optional DALI dimming, custom bezel options (Gold and Black), beam angles and Daylight, Natural and Warm colour temperatures.

Learn more about Moderno here

The Nero 

The Goodlight™ Nero LED Wall Wash Downlights are the stylish, energy-efficient upgrade to metal halide wall washers and halogen downlights. Designed to light up walls and corners, it provides a wide, asymmetric light distribution perfect for wall washing and creating a real sense of space.

Nero LED Wall Wash Downlights are rated IP20, slotting directly into apertures of ø90mm, blending seamlessly into modern interior settings.

Featuring a wide, asymmetric distribution, throwing the light onto the wall, it produces an interesting mood lighting effect. These LED Downlights have a high lumen output of up to 1,294Lm, providing a bright, glare-free lighting effect that adds interest to your desired interior setting. Choose from dimming options including DALI, Triac and 1-10V and Daylight, Natural and Warm colour temperatures.

Learn more about Nero here

The Intra  

The Goodlight™ Intra is a recessed LED Downlight suitable for interiors, with protection to IP20. Featuring spring clips for super-fast, tool-less installation, in various wattages and cut-out sizes to suit your requirements. It is powered by a Philips Xitanium LED Driver, with low ripple and THD.

It can be used in refurbs and refits to replace CFL and halogen downlights, whilst providing attractive energy savings, without compensating on light output. Featuring an opal lens, Intra delivers glare-free lighting, ensuring suitability in VDU and workstations. Lighting options range from 9W-50W, with various cut-out sizes (Ø90-215mm) and dimmability. Intra can be customised for your interior in black, white or anthracite grey housing with a white bezel. You can choose between a highly specular, silver or gold reflector, or opt for an anti-glare lens delivering UGR 18-21.

Learn more about Intra here

The Luxe II 

The Goodlight™ Luxe II is an Indirect Architectural LED Ceiling Panel can seamlessly integrate into high-grade office environments as easily into architectural spaces. The Luxe II is an energy-efficient upgrade to 4x 18W fluorescent tube lights or CAT A/B modular fixtures. It delivers an impressive 113Lm/W efficacy from its angled, opal diffusers. It can be installed into CAT A/B fit-outs and standard CAT 2 modular fittings, for LG7 Compliant schemes. This stylish LED Ceiling Panel is ideal for installing into high-grade, architectural office environments, providing a brighter, more natural light performance. Options include DALI dimmability and Emergency (3 Hour) variants.

Learn more about the Luxe II LED Panel here






The Vertex Frame 

The Goodlight™ Vertex Frame is the latest, innovative LED Ceiling Panel from the Goodlight LED luminaire range and is the ultimate solution to traditional CFL, T5 & T8 fluorescent fixtures. This elegant, lightweight LED Panel is unique in design and performance, featuring a square ‘halo’ of light, achieving 90Lm/W bright output, with an LOR of 100%. Due to its sleek and minimalist appearance, the Vertex Frame is ideal for modern spaces, including Architectural lighting, as it seamlessly integrates within existing ceiling grids.

The Vertex Frame is uniquely installed with a ceiling tile in its core, retaining the integrity of the existing ceiling. LG7 compliant.

It is suitable for illuminating a range of applications including offices, retail, accent, general and special project lighting.

Learn more about the Vertex Frame LED Panel (Halo) here






LED Circular Light Disc

The LED Circular Light Disc is designed to replace standard downlights and 18W – 32W CFL PL luminaires. These illuminated discs that provide even, soft light, the perfect for retrofitting into circular CFL fixtures with similar apertures. They are ideal for Architectural environments as they feature an ultra-thin design (only 11mm) which delivers the light evenly across the surface of the diffuser, giving a more natural light output.

Available in Daylight, Natural and Warm colour temperatures.

Learn more about the LED Circular Light Discs here






Architectural 2D LED Bulkhead

This super-sleek, slim profile (13mm) 2D Architectural Interior LED Bulkhead is the perfect replacement for conventional 2D bulkheads. Our 2D LED Bulkhead delivers up to 89Lm/W efficacy and has a wide beam angle, ensuring that your Architectural space is illuminated with even, consistent lighting. It is suitable for interior use only, and can be wall or surface mounted into lobbies, corridors, receptions, staircases, changing rooms and washrooms. The 2D Interior features a V0 fire rated polycarbonate cover, making the luminaire additionally suitable for multi-occupational sites.

Model variants include Standard, Dimmable (Triac), Integral Sensor (Microwave) and Emergency Battery Back-Up (3 Hour). All models are available in Daylight, Natural and Warm and come with a 5 Year Guarantee.

Learn more about the 2D Interior LED Bulkhead here






Pay As You Save With Bright Plan

Fund your new LED lighting upgrade with the energy savings made each month.







All Goodlight LED lamps and luminaires can be funded through our simple, manageable leasing scheme, Bright Plan Pay-as-you-Save.

Bright Plan enables businesses to fund the cost of their new Goodlight LED lighting from their operating budgets, allowing the replacement LED lighting to be paid for directly from the energy savings made, with extra left over, each month.

With no upfront cost, our Bright Plan leasing scheme has zero impact on the cash reserves of your business. Our rates are flexible and can be fixed between two to five years, making budgeting easier. At the end of the term, you own the LED lighting outright, and our ultra long-life LEDs will continue to save your business money for many more years ahead.

Moreover, rates can be significantly lower than typical bank lending. Bright Plan is tax-smart too, with fixed monthly costs 100% allowable under UK taxation rules.

Find out if your business can benefit from Bright Plan by visiting here.

5 Year Guarantee

The Architectural LED lighting range is rated for 50,000 hours and supported by a 5 Year Guarantee against failure. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our products which is why all of our LED lighting is backed by a 5 Year Guarantee, supported by all of the live Goodlight LED installations that have already exceeded 5 Years. Learn more about our 5 Year Guarantee here

Compatible with Light Boss™

Wireless Lighting Control

The Goodlight Architecture LED Lighting range is compatible with Light Boss™ Wireless Lighting Control. Light Boss™ puts an intuitive lighting system at the heart of your building’s operation. Automate your lighting triggered by occupancy, daylight or user preference. Light Boss dims down your lighting when no one is around, or when it detects natural light, and turns back on again when it is needed, for the ultimate energy efficient lighting control.

Suitable for new builds and retrofits. Light Boss™ provides ‘live’ reporting on the energy consumption of all connected lighting fixtures, allowing energy management via a single dashboard – an ideal tool for complete energy performance of single or multi-site estates. Operate your lighting where it is needed, rather than at 100% continually, allowing you to minimise energy consumption by up to 95%, extend lighting lifecycles and lower maintenance costs. Payback from as little as 1.5 years.

Other features include; Energy Monitoring, Emergency Light Testing, Daylight Monitoring, Service Plus, LED Fault Monitoring, Group and Scene Setting and Circadian Lighting. Suitable for offices, warehouses, retail, leisure, car parks, education, healthcare, amenity, logistics and transportation.

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