Light Boss Safety And Compliance

Light Boss SMART IoT Control remotely monitors your emergency lighting circuits, operates when needed and alerts you if there’s a problem. Critically, it automatically self-tests and certifies your emergency lighting remotely with no engineers needed at site! Automate routine and periodic emergency light testing with a dramatic reduction of site visits and related costs.

Be SMART and ensure your building meets emergency compliance obligations

Remote emergency self-testing from Light Boss complies fully with your test and reporting obligations under BS 5266 1:2011 and BS EN 62034:2012.

Light Boss digitises safety and meets your building compliance objectives – whilst saving your organisation money.

As per the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) 2005 the Responsible Person is charged with control of the safety of everyone in the building, whether living, working or visiting.

This duty of care includes a provision for emergency lighting. Their legal requirement is that this must be installed into buildings in case of a mains power failure, providing sufficient illumination to allow occupants and users to evacuate the building safely. Its purpose is to turn on automatically, for the rated duration (1 3Hr) where mains power has failed.

The objective is to allow all buildings users to escape or evacuate from the building safely. The ‘Responsible Person(s)’ can be the building owner, landlord, maintainer or other designated person. They have control over safety systems within the premises and are obligated by law to maintain emergency lighting. Part of this obligation is to test Emergency lighting monthly and annually. Results of maintenance and testing must be reported and held to demonstrate compliance with the BS5266 regulations.

For more information on how Light Boss (wireless) connected lighting control meets full compliance standards click here

Did you know?


The amount a retailer was fined after found guilty for having no risk assessment, little staff training and no fire alarm response process


The amount Tata Steelworks Wales were fined when the lighting in their factory failed, resulting in employees injured by molten metal


Of Emergency Lighting Schemes would not work in case of an emergency*


Of organisations fail to update their safety systems following refurbishments.

Maintained & Non-Maintained Emergency LED Lighting

Take control of emergency lighting with LED Emergency Luminaires, Bulkheads & Exit Signs
All Goodlight LED luminaires can be configured to provide SMART IoT services

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