Environmental policy

When all these lights are LED the world will be a better place

LED Eco Lights strives for excellence in every aspect of our organisation, and is committed to minimising the environmental impacts of our business operations. As such we monitor all environmental issues and update accordingly in response to advances in legislation and regulations.

We are committed to continual improvement within all our working operations including environmental issues and the prevention of pollution from our activities. Our management team regard the promotion of environmental issues as an integral part of our management framework.

The company is actively engaged with all company employees to:
  • Minimise the production of waste, and any disposing of waste to be carried out with due care for the environment.
  • Manage waste generated from our business operations according to the principles of reduction, re-use and recycling.
  • Give due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance in the design, refurbishment, location and use of own buildings.
  • Ensure that the transportation of raw materials and products are undertaken in the best, safest and most environmentally responsible way.
  • Offset our carbon emissions generated through transport of raw materials and finished products via our carriers transportation offsetting schemes.
  • Ensure that all company vehicles are made as fuel efficient as possible and that their routes are planned to minimise environmental impacts on local residents and the areas we are working in.
  • LED Eco Lights are members with the Recolight WEEE Compliance Scheme to recycle lamp waste arising from placing energy efficient lighting into the UK market.
  • Compile, update, and make our Environmental Policy publicly available.
  • Ensure that all working operations comply with current legislation and other relevant environmental requirements.
  • Be a responsible employer and neighbor.
As a company we are committed to constantly review and implement working procedures to:
  • Conserve and recycle raw materials.
  • Reduce pollution.
  • Save energy.
  • Communicate internally and externally our environmental policy on a regular basis and encourage feedback for regular review.
  • Adhere to industry best practice environmental management standards.
As a business we ensure where possible:
  • Bought in paper is of a recycled content.
  • Encourage all staff to minimise document printing, and support electronic document management.
  • We operate recycling of all paper waste.
  • We operate recycling of all card, cans and plastic waste.
  • Our office cleaners use green cleaning products.
  • All printers and computer settings are pre-set to black print as default.
  • All screens and computers are switched off at night.
  • All building lighting has been converted to an LED light source, coupled with occupancy detectors, to ensure usage is limited to ‘only when needed.’
  • All ink cartridges are recycled.