Energy-efficient LED lighting for Education

Educational establishments, including universities, colleges and schools, can reduce their energy and maintenance overheads simply by installing energy-efficient LED lighting. Recent studies have proved that LED lighting can improve student’s concentration and boost performance, unlike traditional fluorescent lighting which is prone to constant flickering, poor light performance and migraine-inducing headaches. Even more commonly, fluorescent banks of tubes are notorious for failing, resulting in dark, underlit rooms.

Benefits of installing LED lighting for education include a dramatic reduction in energy bills – savings of up to 85% can be achieved, and a further 95% in maintenance savings can also be made. Improving campus safety, both internally and externally, is beneficial to students, staff members and visitors as Goodlight LED lighting provides bright illumination, maximising visibility throughout the whole site. Furthermore, educational premises can stand out from other campus sites, beautiful LED floodlighting can be installed at ground level, throwing light onto the building, making campus buildings look impressive to prospective new students and visitors.

Educational environments looking to maximise further on their energy budgets, we have a new solution – Light Boss™, a wireless lighting control system. Light Boss™ allows you to control your lighting from an app and reports on your energy usage. Substantial energy savings of up to 93% can be made, find out more here

St Michael’s School – brightly lit with LED lighting

St Michael’s Church of England Primary School is is the oldest Victorian school in Sandhurst built in 1862. The school approached Goodlight after their fluorescent twin tubes in their classrooms, hall, staff room, corridors and WCs kept failing. St Michael’s chose G5 LED Battens to replace the interior tube fixtures which give a bright output of 110Lm/W. Since installation, the school have commented that all of the school areas lit with the G5’sare brightly lit, resulting in a reduction in energy and maintenance savings.

Samuel Pepys Schools switched to LED lighting

Samuel Pepys School had been looking for a reliable LED lighting manufacturer that provided retrofit LED products. Goodlight LED T8 Tubes and LED Flood Lights were specified and installed throughout the whole school. Samuel Pepys School is now benefiting from superb quality lighting along with reduced energy and maintenance costs. Samuel Pepys School provides special education to approximately 100 pupils aged between 3 to 19 years old. The school is located in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

Samuel Pepys schools switches to LED lighting

Writtle College

Writtle College, a partner of the University of Essex, was established in 1883 and offers a wide range of higher and further education courses along with apprenticeships and degrees. We have helped Writtle College achieve almost £18,000 in annual energy savings with an installation of its retrofit LED lighting including T8 TubesCeiling Panels, and 2D Lamps into the college building. This massive saving, plus reduced maintenance costs, equates to a very positive ROI with the initial £57,000 investment being repaid in just over three years and more than £191,000 saved during the lifespan of the installation

The University of Malta achieves dramatic costs

The University of Malta is today achieving great energy cost reduction due to its latest transition to LED lighting. In September 2015 works started related to disposing of the old fittings in an environmental friendly manner and having all replaced to LED.

The project was divided in two, internal lighting and external lighting. The internal lighting project replaced all fluorescent light fittings to energy-efficient Goodlight LED lighting. Some old fittings have been replaced with new fittings, ready wired to take on new LED tubes and some other fittings have been replaced to LED panels. All LED light tubes and LED panels have been supplied by INLED Malta using their exclusive distribution brand, Goodlight™.

The external project was the replacement of various fluorescent external fittings in the underpaths and all external Halogen Floodlights. Again all LED and replacement items have been supplied by INLED Malta using Goodlight™ LED tubes where needed and LED Floodlights, varying from 30 Watts – 200 Watts in LED power. Malta University is now achieving promising energy savings since installing LED lighting.



The G5 LED Batten is a stylish linear luminaire which delivers unparalleled energy savings of up to 75%. Replaces standard 2ft, 4ft and 5ft length twin tube fluorescent tube lighting but draws just 20W to 50W respectively. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, the G5 LED Batten is ideal for busy hospital environments looking for energy-efficient, cost-effective LED lighting solutions. Light output is also very bright, offering 110Lm/W over a 120° beam angle spread. The G5 is a glass-free batten LED luminaire which transmit over 95% light efficacy, making it ideal for interiors of a range of educational establishments. Emergency and dimmable options available. Learn more about G5 here.

To replace fluorescent tube lighting found within schools and universities, see our T8 LED Tube and T5 LED Tube ranges.

Goodlight G5-linear-luminaire


Schools and universities that currently have dull, fluorescent ceiling panels  arent providing the perfect learning environment.  We recommend the modular Eco LED Panel which has been designed to slot in with ease and is the thinnest and most lightweight LED ceiling panel on the market. The Eco delivers a uniform and even light efficiency of 100Lm/W. Our Eco LED Panels are available in a range of sizes to fit existing ceilings, including 300 x 300mm, 500 x 500mm, 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 600mm. Dimmable options available. Learn more about Eco here.

Goodlight Eco LED panel