What is smart ‘IoT’ Lighting ?

Smart ‘IoT’ technology is revolutionising the way we manage the assets within our buildings.  Devices, sensors and gateways are linked to cloud-based data services to provide  connected, ‘internet of things IOT’ intelligence and asset data remotely.  SMART IoT lighting monitors all connected lighting and provides real-time data on its usage and health, innovating the way lighting services are delivered, managed and maintained in efficient buildings.  

How does our IOT lighting work?

IoT connects LED luminaires (devices) to one another, and the internet throughout your buildings to create a SMART lighting network. This ‘network’ can be accessed and managed remotely so no engineers are required to visit site for routine inspection, maintenance or testing.  Your SMART IoT lighting network uses sensors to trigger and/or control lighting in different areas of the building.  Your IoT lighting is optimised by occupancy, natural daylight or time control to deliver maximum efficiency.

You can see exactly how much energy is being used, analyse all your sites in one place, and build up a wealth of lighting intelligence across the properties you own or operate.  The network continually logs how your lighting is accessed, used and what condition it is in.  It alerts you when there is a fault, details what the fault is or if it needs replacing.

This lighting intelligence can be shared with its owners, occupiers, and building management teams to improve functionality for its users, and automate savings.  SMART IoT lighting provides a way of monitoring and maintaining lighting, remotely.  You can integrate associated SMART building services such as fire alarms, monitoring air temperature or even testing air quality. A building’s lighting could be set up to trigger other building services such as all emergency lighting being turned on, when a fire alarm is activated, for example.

Smart IoT connected network

Smart IoT lighting network from Light Boss

Light Boss, brought to you by Goodlight, is the ultimate SMART IoT LED lighting control system which is uniquely wireless and retrofittable to existing buildings. There is no need for any additional cabling during installation which makes it an attractive, cost-efficient solution.  Once commissioned, you have a live digital asset register, pinpointing all of your lighting assets to their installed location.  This remote lighting management solution saves you energy, costs and maintenance, whilst meeting your safety compliance obligations, and keeps users safe.

Fire Safety Compliance

Critically, Emergency lighting is managed remotely too, with all routine and periodic testing automatically scheduled through the  to meet a full Compliance regime to BS 5266.  Your new lighting will auto-test every month and once a year – your Virtual Lighting Engineer.  If you manage 10 sites then that is a saving of 120 engineer visits plus the peace of mind that it has been completed.

Retrofittable Lighting Control

Light Boss™ is a uniquely retrofittable and wireless lighting control system – providing a no-touch solution, removing the need for engineers at site for routine lighting maintenance! By digitising lighting with SMART technology (IoT), Light Boss additionally allows owners and maintainers to improve energy efficiency in old, energy-hungry buildings.

Dramatic Energy and cost savings

If you are responsible for lighting, Light Boss™ makes your job easier. Deliver savings on energy & maintenance costs, optimises lighting usage when and where it is needed, and automate emergency light testing and meet safety compliance obligations.

Low-touch lighting maintenance

Standard lighting is virtually monitored for energy and fault management, with a diagnostics tool which displays and forecasts faults, without any engineers required to visit site – operating as a Virtual lighting engineer.

Multi-site Lighting Management

Connected lighting reports back on energy, lighting health, testing and compliance in one or all of your sites, in one simple dashboard.

Save on energy costs

Upgrading to SMART IoT connected LED lighting provides an energy and operational maintenance cost reduction of 70-85%. Lighting lifespans are extended by 5-10 times of traditional lighting.

The new, intelligent lighting is driven by LED light sources, which use a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, the ongoing benefits of sensor-driven usage (either occupancy or daylight-linked) means your lighting is only being used when needed, delivering drastic and unrivalled cost-savings.

Light Boss™ (wireless) connected lighting control reduces electricity costs, maintenance overheads and improves building energy ratings – with ROI periods from as little as 6 months.

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