Arc LED Ceiling Panel

The Arc

Light up and down with an innovative LED design,
ideal for trendy interiors.

Up/Down LED Ceiling Panel

Anti-glare UGR19

Impressive light uniformity

Replaces modular CFL & fluorescent

Protected to IP20

LG7 Compliant

Easy to install with simple fixings

Ideal for office lighting

Direct / Indirect distribution

Soft highlights across ceilings

Surface mounted LED Panel

Ideal for replacing ceiling panels

Dimmable options available

IES files available

Compatible with Light Boss

Ideal for retail lighting

Re-imagined Interiors

The Goodlight™ Arc LED Ceiling Panel is the sophisticated answer to modular LED lighting. With its unique Up/Down lighting effect, it delivers impressive light uniformity, with a beautiful balance of light thrown above the fixture and below it.

It has been designed with premium, high-end space in mind from offices, to boardrooms and anywhere you want to achieve a combination of cutting-edge lighting performance where you need it with softer highlight across the ceiling.

The Arc LED Ceiling Panel is a surface-mounted luminaire that is super fast to install which simple fixings that twist and lock into place.

Rated IP20, it delivers natural, bright light from its wide beam angle, boosting 100 Lm/W efficacy. This IP20 LED Panel is suitable for offices, commercial buildings, hospitality, healthcare, retail stores, accent lighting and special projects that require an elegant LED upgrade to traditional ceiling panels.






Unique Up & Down Light Effect

The sophisticated answer to modular ceiling lighting.


Features a unique up light effect, delivering a soft glow to ceilings.


Delivers impressive light uniformity, throwing a beautiful balance of light beneath it.


The Arc is a surface-mounted ceiling LED Panel featuring twist and lock fittings, making it super easy to install.


With a UGR of >19, Arc is perfect for workplace lighting, providing low-glare, comfortable illumination.

Pay As You Save With Bright Plan

Fund your new LED lighting upgrade with the energy savings made each month.







All Goodlight LED lamps and luminaires can be funded through our simple, manageable leasing scheme, Bright Plan Pay-as-you-Save.

Bright Plan enables businesses to fund the cost of their new Goodlight LED lighting from their operating budgets, allowing the replacement LED lighting to be paid for directly from the energy savings made, with extra left over, each month.

With no upfront cost, our Bright Plan leasing scheme has zero impact on the cash reserves of your business. Our rates are flexible and can be fixed between two to five years, making budgeting easier. At the end of the term, you own the LED lighting outright, and our ultra long-life LEDs will continue to save your business money for many more years ahead.

Moreover, rates can be significantly lower than typical bank lending. Bright Plan is tax-smart too, with fixed monthly costs 100% allowable under UK taxation rules.

Find out if your business can benefit from Bright Plan by visiting here.

5 Year Guarantee

The Arc is rated for 50,000 hours and supported by a 5 Year Guarantee against failure. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our products which is why all of our LED lighting is backed by a 5 Year Guarantee, supported by all of the live Goodlight LED installations that have already exceeded 5 Years. Learn more about our 5 Year Guarantee here

Compatible with Light Boss™

Wireless Lighting Control

The Goodlight Arc Up and Down LED Ceiling Panels are compatible with Light Boss™ Wireless Lighting Control. Light Boss™ puts an intuitive lighting system at the heart of your building’s operation. Automate your lighting triggered by occupancy, daylight or user preference. Light Boss dims down your lighting when no one is around, or when it detects natural light, and turns back on again when it is needed, for the ultimate efficient lighting control.

Suitable for new builds and retrofits. Light Boss™ provides ‘live’ reporting on the energy consumption of all connected lighting fixtures, allowing energy management via a single dashboard – an ideal tool for complete energy performance of single or multi-site estates. Operate your lighting where it is needed, rather than at 100% continually, allowing you to minimise energy consumption by up to 95%, extend lighting lifecycles and lower maintenance costs. Payback from as little as 1.5 years.

Other features include; Energy Monitoring, Emergency Light Testing, Daylight Monitoring, Service Plus, LED Fault Monitoring, Group and Scene Setting and Circadian Lighting. Suitable for offices, warehouses, retail, leisure, car parks, education, healthcare, amenity, logistics and transportation.

Suitable for all applications,

create your stunning scheme today.

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