Fifteen reasons to switch to Goodlight LED lighting today


Fifteen reasons to switch to Goodlight LED lighting today

1) We’ve been leading experts in LED lighting and intelligent controls for 15 years

2) We have a wide range of award-winning products: we have won a string of awards for our lighting innovation since the company launched in 2006.

3)  Save up 85% in energy savings with Goodlight LED lighting while reducing your carbon footprint

4) Goodlight LED lighting will slash your maintenance costs by up to 95%.

5) Flicker Free – Goodlight LED lighting users suffer from none of the irritating migraine-inducing flicker of traditional lights like fluorescent strip lighting seen in offices and workplaces

6) Instant On – Goodlight LED can be coupled with presence detection.

7)  Goodlight LED lamps are zero maintenance – internally regulated with no reliance on traditional control gear.

8) Toxin Free – Goodlight LED lamps are toxin free and easy to dispose of and recycle. Traditional CFL, fluorescent and metal halide lamps contain toxic gases like mercury which makes them difficult to dispose of safely.

9) We offer a 5 Year Guarantee – all our lamps are rated for 50,000 hours*. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our products that they come with a 5Year Guarantee against failure.

10) Our products are retrofittable – Goodlight LED lamps retrofit into existing fittings and schemes.

11) Corporate Social Responsibility – not only shows your employees, but your customers, stakeholders and shareholders that you are being socially responsible by installing energy efficient lighting and serious about reducing your carbon footprint.

12) We offer funding options with an innovative LED Leasing scheme called Bright Plan

13) Technical expertise: we have technical lighting experts to guide you through every stage of the process.

14) We offer a wide range of lighting services including design, project management, design and maintenance as well as energy & cost remodelling.

15) We offer LED lighting solutions for Rail, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Commercial and Hospitality Environments.

Visit our installation gallery here and check out a sample of our impressive list of clients below!

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*50,000 hours is equivalent to:
20 years at 7 hours a day
11 years at 12 hours a day
5.7 years at 24 hours a day