Goodlight™ technology

We’ve gone back to the drawing board to produce the most reliable retrofit LED lamps available

We designed the Goodlight™ range of lamps to be the simplest to install and use, as well as providing unparalleled light quality over an incredible 50,000 hour lifespan.

Our engineers are working at the cutting edge of LED lighting technology, and we are constantly working to improve energy efficiency while maintaining our industry leading light quality.

There are obvious financial and environmental reasons to upgrade your system to LED, but we believe there are are many more reasons why you should choose Goodlight™ over the rest.

Quality control and performance

Our range is engineered with premium components to ensure maximum brightness for the lowest amount of watts. With full control over the design and manufacturing process, our product specifications are unique to Goodlight™, and rigorously tested to meet our quality and performance standards.We’re so confident in the quality and performance of our products that all our lamps and luminaires come with a 5 Year Guarantee against full or partial failure.

Retrofit +

An LED lamp is only as good as the technology inside it. There are cheaper retrofit lamps available, but they use substandard components and fail time and time again to produce the same quality of light as Goodlight™ lamps.We only use the leading LED chips in all of our functional lamps – CREE, Epistar and Bridgelux ‘super’ chips. These are the brightest on the market. Plus premium powerful drivers which have both load and short circuit protection, safeguarding the lamps from power spikes or unstable circuitry.Our technology is so far ahead of the competition we’ve had to coin a new term for it – Retrofit +.

Light quality

The quality and colour of the light in our environment is very important, it can change the feel of a place and it can even affect our mood. Goodlight™ lamps are designed to maintain, or even improve, your current lighting levels.With three standard colour options to choose from, you can retain the same colour temperature you are used to, or refresh your working environment with a change in white light intensity. (Clockwise from top: Warm, natural and daylight.)Many industrial lamps emit surprising amounts of harmful UV radiation, Goodlight™ lamps produce zero UV emissions, making them safer for those exposed to them for long periods.

4 more reasons to upgrade to Goodlighty

Instant on

Our bulbs are at full brightness the moment you switch them on, which makes them a perfect companion to presence detection sensors, further improving the energy savings potential.

Zero maintenance

Goodlight™ LED lamps are internally regulated, with no reliance on traditional control gear. This means they are virtually maintenance free, with no ballasts or starters needed. You can save all of your annual lamp maintenance budget, and spend it on something else!

Flicker free

Goodlight™ LED lamps suffer from none of the irritating migraine-inducing flicker of traditional energy saving bulbs and tube lights.

Toxin free

Traditional CFL, fluorescent and metal halide lamps contain heavy metals like mercury which makes them difficult to dispose of safely. Goodlight™ lamps are toxin free, and we offer a free recycling service for used lamps.