Reduce staff downtime due to sickness and viral transmission as recommended by HSE

With lockdown eased and employees actively encouraged to go back to work, we have a greater need to provide a safer workspace. Our cleaning regimes are more intensive and frequent, yet we still have to tackle airborne viral spread.  Serious outbreaks could render business shutdowns, so adopting more measures to keep people safe is good news.  Introducing our UVC light and air purifiers, the UVC lighting innovation which will visibly reassure employees you are taking active steps to provide adequate ventilation in line with Government advice.

The Health and Safely Executive (HSE) are advising adoption of adequate ventilation indoors, and installation of air cleaning units with UVC (ultra-violet light) and HEPA filters which disinfect 99.9% germs and viruses. Find out more on the HSE website here

UVC Air Sterilisers – how do they work?

UVC light technology has been used for over 100 years within water, health, food and drink environments to keep germ and bacteria free.  It is a wavelength of light (like UVA and UVB) with germicidal properties which blasts cells with irradiation to destroy harmful bacteria and germs.  This UVC light technology is adopted in our air purifiers to tackle and treat harmful airborne matter in the same way, and help keep our air clean.

Our UVC Air purifiers combine a unique 5-Way filtration system which remove dust, particles, harmful gases and odours via medical-grade HEPA filters (PM2.5).  The carbon filters absorb harmful substances and odours.  Filtered air then passes through a (hidden) UVC light chamber which disinfects if using 254nm germicidal UVC light, powerful enough to destroy up to 99.91% of airborne bacteria, germs and viruses including coronaviruses.

Monitor and improve your air quality 

Both the Giga freestanding and Oxi Portable Air Sterilisers monitor your air quality in real-time.  See the condition of the air around you and increase fan speeds up or down accordingly.  Or set to auto-mode for continual air purification in busy environments.  Both Oxi and Giga are very effective in treating spaces like restaurants and cafes where food, bacteria and chemical odours can build up.  Or in busy spaces in offices, education, health and care where outbreaks and multiple transmissions can easily occur.  With additional disinfection using harsh chemicals due to Covid, spaces are often filled with chemicals residue and gases, which are easily tackled by the advanced HEPA filtration.


UVC light innovation

Good for allergies

Air purification is great for asthma and allergy sufferers as it removes impurities and airborne aggravators such as dust, pet hair, dander and more. UVC Air purifiers present a visible defence, and allow you to take control of the air quality around you.

What size UVC air purifier do I need?

You will need an appropriate size of purifier depending on your space.  For example rooms up to 20m² are easily tackled by Oxi, a portable, desktop solution which can be wall-hung or placed on top of desks, tables and counters.  The Giga floor standing unit is more suited to larger open spaces.

Whatever you do, start thinking about your air quality.  As per the latest HSE guidelines, by ventilating areas we are continually bringing in fresh air which has got to be better than continually circulating poor air.  If you can’t ventilate then air purification becomes more important, as you have to find ways of tackling airborne nasties.

Top Safety Tips when using UVC disinfection products 

  • UVC light is harmful to humans and pets – even the smallest amount of exposure to UVC light can affect us
  • When using UVC products, look for ‘hidden’ or ‘concealed’ UVC chambers ensuring UVC light is not visible to humans so they remain unprotected from hazard
  • UVC sterilisation is highly effective to tackle surfaces and airborne germs, use it to provide deep cleaning of areas with heavy traffic and footfall
  • When using UVC air purification it is advisable to combine it with HEPA filtration which removes dangerous airborne particles such as dust, pet hair, dander, odours and more.

If you want to keep staff, guests, visitors and users safe, do as much as you can.  Sanitise, ventilate, purify and repeat!

How can I use UVC light safely? 

Disinfect indoor spaces safely with revolutionary UVC light technology – proven to be highly effective in deactivating and destroying the DNA of micro-organisms. We recommend this type of disinfection is conducted during periods of inoccupancy as UVC light is harmful to humans.  The Vira UVC 3-Way Safety System is designed to automate UVC disinfection – tackling 99.9% of viruses, germs, bacteria, mould, dust mites and pathogens, including E-Coli, salmonella and Covid-19.

As UVC lighting innovation, Vira UVC Safety system tackles safety-first, with a 3-way human protection system which consists of a magnetic door switch, admin lock and main operation switch.  This allows you to set the disinfection time to 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute intervals, long enough to treat the area.  A safety siren goes off to alert users that disinfection is in operation, and the cycle begins.  If any of the safety switches are triggered, e.g. when someone opens a door into the treatment area, then the system detects this and switches off the UVC light automatically.

This kind of rapid disinfection is ideal for education, health and care environments where areas are in constant use, or there is a frequent changeover of users, so the likelihood of passing around germs and bacteria is high.

We can provide advice on the type of system set-up that would be suitable for your building, please contact our Sales Team on 01276 691230 for further information or to arrange a consultative site survey.

Click here for more information on the UVC Vira 3-way Safety System.

UVC lighting innovation from Goodlight