Goodlight has launched Unify LED Linear, a continuous-row lighting system with pre-assembled trunking and click-in luminaires for the ultimate creative and functional lighting solution. Luminaires are fitted flexibly around a pre-wired multifunctional trunking base, to deliver amazing lighting effects and can subsequently be re-positioned for supreme versatility. With pre-assembled connectors, the trunking can be configured to provide seamless, uninterrupted lighting lines, which continue around corners, or cross over one another, and can be adapted to suit structural alterations at any time.

Commenting on the launch, Saima Shafi, Sales and Marketing Director of Goodlight, said, “We are delighted to unveil the new Unify LED Linear Lighting System which is designed to adapt to any lighting task, from linear light lines to emergency lighting. This continuous-row system is flexible to the demands of any project and lends itself to a wide range of exciting applications.”

The innovation steel trunking forms a structural base from which all lighting functions are connected, including power supply, lighting controls (DALI + 1-10V Dimming) and emergency lighting. The maximum current is 16A, allowing 3,5000W in one serial row on 220V AC power supply. The base features a 3 Circuit Track for Track Lighting options. It houses up to 11-core wiring channels with 2.5mm² for power supply and 1.5mm² cable for dimming control. Self-supporting connectors enable wide distances between suspension points (up to 3m). Flexible Electrical Feed-In and Feed-Out points and a Terminal Feed-In connect the rail easily with electricity. A separate power supply, dimming or emergency supply can be integrated. Thanks to pre-assembled connectors, this simple, easy-fit lock-in system has been cleverly designed for super-fast and virtually tool-less installation.

To click-in to the trunking rail, Goodlight offer a choice of flicker-free LED linear luminaires. These have an impressive lamp efficacy of up to 160Lm/W and are protected up to IP20. From a beam angle of 120°, the luminaires draw 35W, 50W and 70W and, in Daylight temperature (5,000K), provide 5,600Lm, 8,000Lm and 11,200Lm of light output respectively. These modules have a choice of Wide, Narrow and Double Asymmetric options and all possible lighting distribution patterns can be created with various optical components for beautiful illumination. They are also available in a Natural (4,000K) colour temperature and come with estimated maintenance savings of over 95% and energy savings of over 70%, combined with a 5 year guarantee.

For further cost-efficiency, the system is compatible with Light Boss Wireless Lighting Control, which dims down lighting when no one is around, or when no one is around, or when it detects natural light, and turns back on again when it is needed, for the ultimate energy efficient lighting control. The multi-sensor system combines motion and daylight sensors into the trunking that can swivel to help detect the area accurately with three different dimming systems, DALI, 1-10V and Switch Dimming. An emergency lighting function configures the system to operate on Mains and automatically switch to emergency supply in the event of Mains failures for safe evacuation. There is alternatively the option for a self-contained battery (minimum 3 hours) plus two independent emergency lighting circuits in the trunking rail. The system offers exceptional energy savings with payback from as little as 1.5 years.

The trunking system is available in a stylish white finish, as standard, or in silver or black, with the option of further customisation in lengths, models and beam angles. The system is an ideal solution for retail and industrial environments and, given its flexibility, an enormous range of applications are possible including supermarkets, offices, warehouses and distribution centres.

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