It is one day until The Energy Awards, an annual awards ceremony that celebrates innovations and organisations throughout the energy market. The Energy Awards takes place tomorrow, Wednesday 6 December 2017, at The Hilton on Park Lane, London.

Our GX1 LED High Bay, which features innovative phase-change technology, is shortlisted for Innovation of the Year (Technology) Award.  The phase-change technology takes the form of:

  1. When the GX1 is turned on, the heat generated by the LEDs turns the liquid inside the tubes into vapour. The vapour begins moving along the tubes due to the difference in pressure.
  2. As soon as the vapour reaches a cool area of the tube, it condenses back into liquid. Heat energy is dissipated evenly through a series of aluminium fins.
  3. The GX1’s copper core draws the liquid back towards the LEDs via capillary action, and the cycle starts again.

We are excited to be nominated for the Innovation of the Year Award and we are looking forward to attending the awards tomorrow evening, fingers crossed we win!