Benefits of LED Lighting


What are the benefits of installing LED Lighting?

  • – Can be retrofit into existing fittings and schemes.
  • – Save up to 85% in energy savings
  • – Reducing your carbon footprint
  • – Improvements in energy-efficiency
  • – LED lighting will slash your maintenance costs by up to 95%.
  • – Improved Productivity. LED lighting can speed up operations by provides targeted task lighting for in a range of environments eg. industries
  • – Improved Safety at Work. The quality of  LED light can help visibility, alertness, and productivity, thus helping prevent work-related accidents and safety complications. LED work station lighting can reduce machine/employee related accidents by making hazards more apparent.
  • – Light Performance and light levels. LED lighting has a choice of colour temperatures, is dimmable and glare-free.
  • – Installing replacement LED will remove the migraine-inducing flicker of traditional lights like fluorescent strip lighting seen in offices and workplaces
  • – Instant On – Goodlight LED can be coupled with presence detection eg. sensors and timers.
  • – Goodlight LED lamps are zero maintenance – internally regulated with no reliance on traditional control gear.
  • – Free of harmful Toxins. Goodlight LED lamps are toxin free and easy to dispose of and recycle. Traditional CFL, fluorescent and metal halide lamps contain toxic gases like mercury which makes them difficult to dispose of safely.
  • – A Guarantee of Quality. Goodlight offers a 5 Year Guarantee– rated for 50,000 hours*. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our products that they come with a 5 Year Guarantee against failure
  • – LED Lighting can be used in conjunction with Light Boss, our SMART IoT wireless lighting control system which can track occupancy levels and optimise for daylight


Types of LED Lighting 

There are two main categories of LED light sources for you to consider.

Retrofit Lighting

Are your current light fittings in good condition and relatively new?  Retrofit LED lamps, which provide a simple ‘lamp swap’ to convert your existing light fitting to LED. Our retrofit LED lamps are of similar dimensions and style, so that they can be utilised in the original light fitting.  This is often quick to install, far easier to replace a light bulb than an entire fitting. Examples of our popular retrofit LED lamps include : LIST here T5 LED Tube, T8 LED tube, LED SON lamps, PL & PLL LED lamps.
Click here for a selection of retrofittable LED Lighting from Goodlight.




LED Luminaires

If your existing fittings are old then it’s a good time to upgrade your fitting.  This way you will get the most optimum performance. New LED fittings can be more cost-efficient as full LED fittings require no ongoing maintenance and provide high lumens packages.  You may be able to reduce the number of light fittings you have but still get the same levels of brightness. New fittings are specifically designed for their purpose, and could be anti-glare, hazardous or explosion-proof, dim up or down, and turn on when mains power fails.  They are compatible with controls and can feature integrated sensors. Click here for our LED Heroes