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The world's most advanced LED High Bay

With industry-leading brightness, efficiency and reliability.

Phase-Change Technology

From the patented ‘phase-change’ copper core to the modular fins that provide more surface area, the GX1 LED High Bay’s unique cooling system tackles heat effortlessly.

led high bay phase change

100X More Efficient Heat Transfer

  • 1

    When the GX1 is switched on, the heat generated by the LEDs turns the liquid inside the tubes into vapour. The vapour begins moving along the tubes due to the difference in pressure.

  • 2

    As soon as the vapour reaches a cool area of the tube, it condenses back into liquid. Heat energy is dissipated evenly through a series of aluminium fins.

  • 3

    The GX1’s copper core draws the liquid back towards the LEDs via capillary action, and the cycle begins again.

Brilliant Brightness

Because the cooling system is so advanced, we can maintain more lumens out of the super-bright circular LED chips, for longer.

Our unique 'nano-coated' reflector boosts light yield by 10%.

Energy Savings
Maintenance Savings


  • The Solution

    Replaces traditional SON and metal halide high bay fixtures, suitable for installation at 6m and beyond.
    The GX1 is also ideal for use in extreme temperatures.

  • Cooler

    From the patented 'phase-change' copper core to the modular fins that provide more surface area, our unique cooling system tackles heat effortlessly.

  • Modular

    With a replaceable driver, and plug-and-play LED chip, our fixture is future-proof. It gives users upgrade options at end-of-life, making it even more cost-effective and environmentally sound.

  • Ideal for lighting

    Storage, warehousing, engineering, retail, leisure, atria and other large spaces.









Extreme heights?

Try the 'Reflectorless' GX1 Plus.

Recommended for installation above 10m and beyond, the GX1 Plus relies on precision optics to deliver 135 lumens per watt, with optional beam angles to direct the light exactly where its required.
Plus – it looks awesome.

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