Extraordinary LED
lamps, with perfectly
ordinary fittings.

We’re the leaders in retrofit LED lighting. Our products simply and easily integrate into your existing system with no need for extra control gear.

Simply plug in and start saving.

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To create Goodlight,
we went back to the
drawing board

Not only to our retrofit LED lamps plug
straight into your existing system, they can
dim, rotate, stay on during an emergency
and switch off when no one is around. All
while sipping just a fraction of the electricity
your old lamps do.

This sort of innovation and attention to
quality is why we are the fastest growing
manufacturer of retrofit LEDs in the UK.


The Goodlight Advantage

50,000 HOURS

That’s 20 years if on
for 7 hours a day or
11 years at 12 hours a
day. So whatever your
future holds, it’s bound
to be bright.

No Mercury Gas

It’s not just the energy
savings that make them
good for the environment.
Traditional bulbs use
pollutants like mercury gas
in their manufacture.

Zero Maintenance

Once installed our lamps
are maintenance-free
,just fit them and forget
them. Save around
90% on your
maintenance costs.

Instant On

Goodlight™ LED lamps
strike on instantly at full
brightness, no warm up
required. Combine them
with PIRS for ultimate
energy efficiency.

Typical Savings

Impact of installation on monthly lighting costs

  • £100k
  • £80k
  • £60k
  • £40k
  • £20k
  • £0
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May

Introducing G-Sense - our new range of LED lamps with added functionality like battery backup and motion detection built in.

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Available Nationwide

You can purchase our products through our nationwide
network of distributors, by quoting our model numbers for
prompt service.

Available from the wholesalers listed below and select independents.

  • BEW
  • Denmans
  • Electric Centre
  • Holland House
  • Newey & Eyre
  • Ross Electrical
  • Stearn
  • Trilight
  • Wilts
  • WF Senate

Installers and Partners

Our Approved Goodlight™ Representatives are fully trained to
provide specialist, expert advice on our range. They can also
support your project with an installation service, have access
to bespoke Goodlight solutions and priority on stock
availability. When you see the Goodlight™ Approved symbol,
you know you're in good hands.

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