Goodlight Majo LED panel for SAS330 metal ceiling systems

Seamless ceiling integration with Majo The new Goodlight Majo LED panel is a recessed, backlit LED panel that is designed to slot seamlessly into SAS330 metal ceiling systems. The panel can be quickly and easily installed with no need for additional…

What is smart ‘IoT’ lighting?

'SMART' IoT technology is revolutionising the way we manage the assets within our buildings.  Devices, sensors and gateways are linked to cloud-based data services to provide  connected, ‘internet of things IOT’ intelligence and asset data remotely.  SMART IoT lighting monitors all connected lighting and provides real-time data on its usage and health, innovating the way lighting services are delivered, managed and maintained in efficient buildings.  

Emergency Lighting standards and compliance

BS Standards and compliance regulations represent a top-down approach, but if existing lighting systems already fulfil the base requirements and system standards, there is still ample opportunity to gain cost and operational benefits. Upgrading emergency lighting luminaires, lamps and illuminated signage with LED technology from Goodlight is the solution.

Fifteen reasons to switch to Goodlight LED lighting today

Fifteen reasons to switch to Goodlight LED lighting today 1) We've been leading experts in LED lighting and intelligent controls for 15 years 2) We have a wide range of award-winning products: we have won a string of awards for our lighting…

Celebrating 15 bright years

                  Leading experts in LED lighting and intelligent controls since 2006 For 15 years Goodlight has helped all kinds of organisations light their…

Increasing productivity within the working environment with LED lighting

We spend a large portion of our lives at work, and the lighting in your workplace - whether its an office, warehouse or factory environment - is more important than you think, with a direct correlation between light levels and performance. Headaches…