Following a successful trial in one of its operating theatres, the Royal Surrey County Hospital installed Goodlight LED tubes. Similar retrofit products were also fitted in corridors to replace original lighting that had begun to fail whilst Goodlight LED floodlights and LED SON replacements were installed in the hospital’s car park.

Initial results reinforced the findings of the trials with the hospital reporting excellent performance, dramatically increased reliability and savings in energy costs of up to 80 per cent.

Royal Surrey County Hospital Bed Ward with Goodlight LED panels installed

Chelsea’s Royal Marsden Hospital has benefited from the installation of almost 3,000 Goodlight products since 2013. Seven separate locations within the hospital, including treatment, accommodation and teaching areas, have been fitted with 2D lamps, tubes and PL-L lamps with no reported failures.

Successful installations have also been completed at The Royal Oldham Hospital and the Royal Gloucester Hospital. The Goodlight LED products fitted include 2D lamps, T8 tubes, floodlights and PL replacement lamps. Again, the new lighting is supporting various areas within the hospitals including theatres, offices, corridors and car parks. At both sites, immediate and substantial savings have been achieved in both energy and maintenance costs.

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