An interesting article by Edie Newsroom (from Edie Net) titled ‘Five Top Tips for Businesses’ (published on 21 May 2014) named LED lighting as a “bright idea” as tip number 4.

Many businesses are starting to switch from traditional lighting to LED lighting because they are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, durable and have zero UV emissions which therefore save money whilst reducing your carbon footprint. LED technology is transforming the way in which we light our businesses by providing superior, bright light at a fraction of the cost.



Businesses that LED Eco Lights have supplied lighting to include British Airways, who are saving 60% net in energy savings, Jaguar Land Rover, who are seeing energy savings of £2 million and The Ministry of Defence, who are saving 72% net in energy savings. With more and more businesses switching from traditional lighting to LED, it is no wonder why Edie named LED lighting in their top 5 tips for businesses. Lose your carbon footprint, reduce your company’s energy consumption and save money by seeing the light. Find out how our Goodlight  products can benefit your business today.

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