WH Smith are achieving:

77% net energy saving

Up to 95% maintenance savings


WH Smith has seen its operating costs slashed since installing our Goodlight LED lighting across its buildings. WH Smith wanted to dramatically reduce their overheads and decided to switch to LED. To avoid disrupting business opening hours, WH Smith wanted a quick and simple solution that could be implemented overnight. The added benefit of our LED products meant that WH Smith could significantly reduce carbon, the burden on cooling systems and green credentials was a welcome bonus.

WHSmith Dist Centre


To ensure that they could match their existing level of lighting without changing any fittings or fixture, they wanted to achieve drastic cost reduction and ensure that they wouldn’t have to keep electrician’s making costly store call-outs for existing lighting when the lamps failed.

The Goodlight Solution:

WH Smith extensively trialled our Goodlight products and decided that they would replace all of their existing lamps with Goodlight retrofit lamps. This rapid roll-out project consisted across all WH Smith branches nationwide over 18 months. The installation was so successful that they decided to extend our Goodlight retrofit lamps across their non-retail sites including all corporate offices and national distribution centres.


  • Save on electricity, maintenance and carbon
  • Retrofit – simple and easy to upgrade to LED
  • 100% full brightness
  • Flicker and mercury free
  • 5 years risk-free lighting
  • 5-10x the lifespan of traditional lamps
  • Rapid payback period (typically a 24/7 operation will recoup the investment within 0-2 years)

The Result:

Since switching to Goodlight, WH Smith have reduced their lighting costs by up to 70% across all its buildings. Added to this, as the new lights require no maintenance, they have been able to wipe out their annual lighting maintenance budget.

WH Smith Goodlight LED Panels

This is one of the largest installation of LEDs in the UK across a complex multi-site operation.

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