Increasing productivity within the working environment with LED lighting

We spend a large portion of our lives at work, and the lighting in your workplace – whether its an office, warehouse or factory environment – is more important than you think, with a direct correlation between light levels and performance.

Headaches and migraines are the most common frustrations suffered in the workplace  – poor quality lighting is the culprit. Flickering (fluorescent) lights can trigger chronic migraine attacks for working individuals, resulting in decreased productivity and individuals leaving to go home and rest.

Man with headache for blog - fluorescent lighting decreases work office productivity

Does this sound familiar in your workplace? Do you or your colleague(s) suffer from frequent headaches/migraines? Is your lighting fluorescent?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to these three questions, then the need to keep your workforce happy and migraine-free is straightforward by simply switching to L-E-D.

The disadvantages of fluorescent lighting in the workplace

As previously mentioned, fluorescent lighting is notorious for causing those head-clenching migraines and headaches, but did you know that they also cause the following:

  • Mercury
    • They contain toxic mercury vapour – which varies from lamp to lamp (from 3mg to 46mg!) and need to be disposed of carefully. Visit Recolight for tips on how to recycle your fluorescent tubes
  • Flickering
    • Can be hazardous to employees that are sensitive to flickering lights such as the condition, epilepsy. These awful lights are also problematic for those who suffer with autism, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, lyme disease and vertigo
  • Failures resulting in low lifespan
    • Fluorescent lighting is notorious for failing – especially with PIR sensors and frequent switching cycles

fluorescent tube failure

  • Uneven light & poor efficacy
    • Who wants to work in an office where lighting levels are dull and duller? Light output also drops in cold areas which can cause the lamp to fail
  • U.V. emissions 
    • Some fluorescent lamps emit ultraviolet radiation. This is particularly troublesome for those who have the skin condition, Polymorphous Light Eruption, a skin rash triggered by exposure to artificial U.V. light – and CFLs have been shown to produce this eruption. Other skin conditions are also triggered by U.V. light including chronic actinic dermatisis, lupus, phytophotodermatitis, and even cataracts

energy draining fluorescent tube lights

  • Energy-draining
    • They waste a lot of energy and are not environmentally-friendly as they contain mercury gases and U.V. emissions
  • Loss of Performance
    • As mentioned earlier – fluorescent lighting impacts the performance of employees

The benefits of LED in the workplace

Naturally, the benefits of LED lighting outweigh the disadvantages. It is no wonder why so many businesses are transforming their poor, low level lighting to super bright LED lighting. Here is our tremendous list of the benefits of LED lighting both from an environmentally-friendly and an health and safety point of view.

  • Saves up to 85% in energy / carbon usage
  • Saves up to 95% in maintenance costs
  • Improved lux levels (super bright!)
  • Longer lifespan – our Goodlight LED products last 50,000 hours and are backed by a 5 Year Guarantee
  • Less than 0.1% failure (on our Goodlight LED product range)
  • Energy-efficient 
  • Retrofittable – simply slots into existing fittings (some LED products only)
  • Zero U.V. emissions
  • Zero maintenance
  • No mercury gas
  • Instant on – no hanging around and waiting for lamps to warm up
  • Options – available in the following;
    • Dimmable / Emergency / Sensor
    • Colour temperatures – daylight, natural and warm white

LED lighting also boosts employees health in the workplace, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved mood levels
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased awareness
  • Improved health and safety in the workplace



What do I replace my existing fluorescent office lighting with?

If you have 300 x 300mm fluorescent ceiling panels, you can swap these out with our energy-efficient LED Ceiling Panels here. They simply go in place of modular ceiling grid systems. We also stock LED panels in sizes; 300 x 600mm, 300 x 1200mm, 500  x 500mm, 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 600mm.

Goodlight LED ceiling panels for offices

If you have compact fluorescent lighting (CFL), you can swap these with our super bright LED PL Lamps here. No flicker, no warm-up and no fuss with our LED PL Lamps – they even pay for themselves in energy savings in the first year, too. When switched on, they provide a gentle in-rush of current. Learn more about this Goodlight Product Hero here.


Goodlight PL LED Lamp angled

If you have fluorescent T5 or T8 tube lighting, these can also be easily swapped out. We offer two LED solutions – our powerful G5 LED Luminaires here or LED T8 here and T5 Tubes here. The G5 LED Luminaire is our latest Goodlight LED Product Hero which replaces twin tube fluorescent fixtures. It also provides the ultimate protection against the elements – water, dust, ice, corrosion and heat.

Our T5 and T8 LED Tubes offer energy-saving benefits along with perfect even light spread and lamp efficacy up to 110Lm/W (T5 LED Tubes). Options also include emergency battery-back up operation and dimmability. Learn more about our T5 here and T8 here.

Goodlight G5 Linear LED Luminaire for office lighting           Goodlight T8 LED Tube Lighting

Help & Assistance

We have retrofit LED solutions for office and commercial lighting and can make your working environment a brighter and happier place. If you need technical support with your new LED lighting upgrade, we are here to help. Give us a call on 01276 691 230 or alternatively, email your query to: [email protected] for a prompt reply.




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