Gym owners make substantial energy savings with LED lighting

Gym owners are increasingly upgrading to LED lighting to reduce their energy consumption and improve current lighting levels. Guaranteed energy savings and superior light quality have led gym operators to recognise the huge benefits LED lighting can achieve.  Energy efficient, bright, uniform illumination is essential to enhance participant experience. Optimum visibility, flicker and glare-free lights are typically considered more important in these leisure environments than in many other sectors.

In gym environments, the colour temperature of the LED lamps can make a difference to the look and feel of a space.  LED Eco Lights, a UK LED manufacturer has designed the Goodlight range of retrofit LED lamps and luminaires especially for leisure applications, which come in three colour temperatures, daylight, natural and warm.  These LED lamps deliver consistent colour  temperature and the dimming capabilities of the LED lighting ensure that the correct amount of light is used for each individual activity and the LED technology provides very directional light that can be focused where needed. All products provide immediate energy savings, reach full brightness instantly and are virtually maintenance free.

Turning energy efficiency into RoI

The most obvious benefit of upgrading to LED lighting is the improvement in energy efficiency.  This has an immediate impact on the monthly electricity spend with demonstrated energy savings of up to 85%. Typical return on investment calculations show full payback can be achieved from as little as three months.  Additional savings can also be made from the reduction in the load on air conditioning systems as LED lamps generate a fraction of the heat produced by traditional lighting systems. This is very beneficial in gym environments where air conditioning can be in use for up to 24 hours a day.

Maintenance free lighting

Traditional, inefficient fluorescent lighting in gym and leisure facilities can be very difficult to maintain. Large gym halls for example have very high ceilings and accessing the light fixtures, to replace a lamp involves the use of expensive specialised equipment. Additionally, areas would need to be closed down and the surfaces protected whilst the maintenance is carried out.  By converting to LED lighting however, not only is there an immediate reduction in energy costs but the benefit of maintenance free lighting as well.

Taking Control

To maximise energy savings, owners can install an intelligent lighting control system which will add substantial benefits to any gym complex. Optimal energy savings can be achieved through occupancy and daylight detection and presence detectors will ensure that any area is only lit when it is in use.  Equally, a lighting control system can also dim lights when there is plenty of daylight.

Satisfied customers

Adopted by various gym and leisure facilities worldwide, uptake of Goodlight LED lighting has been impressive.  Installations include Anytime Fitness, Bannatyne Health Club, The Gym Group, High Wycombe Sports Centre and Malta Basketball Association.

A more individual example of a Goodlight installation is at CrossFit Perpetua, a dedicated, world-class hybrid gym, situated in the railway arches near Battersea Power Station.  One of London’s leading CrossFit facilities, Perpetua has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment which included the replacement of its old fluorescent lighting with high performance energy efficient G5 LED Battens.

Commenting on the LED lighting, Michael Price, Founder and CEO of CrossFit Perpetua enthused, “As part of the refurbishment programme, we were keen to adopt LED lighting, not only for the obvious reduction in energy costs but we wanted a light that resembled natural daylight which is exactly what we have achieved.  We chose Goodlight LED lighting because we loved the design and the G5 LED Battens are very sleek and fit well into a modern space.  The CrossFit brand is a streamlined design and the lights blend in beautifully.”

He continued, “We’ve received great feedback from our clients who are enjoying the fresher, crisper, brighter light and aesthetically they give a new feel to the place.  Since the installation, we have been very impressed with the light quality which is evenly spread across the facility.”

Since installation of the LED lighting, CrossFit Perpetua is set to make up to 70% energy savings and return on investment is expected within 18 months.  Also its carbon footprint has been slashed from 13,253kg to 4,760kg per year, representing an impressive 64% saving in CO².

Businesses are able to fund lighting replacement programmes from their operating budgets by taking advantage of LED leasing schemes. This allows the replacement lights to be paid for directly by the energy savings and the customer will own the lights outright at the end of the lease.


Gym owners and leisure facilities are rapidly adopting LED lighting. Dependability, longevity and reduced costs are some of the many reasons they are upgrading.  Also, LED lighting delivers consistent colour temperature that will not diminish over the lifecycle of the lamp.  This results in better, more uniform light for participants and spectators alike.