Team Sport 5

Our exclusive distributor in Malta, INLED, have been doing incredibly well with the local businesses by installing Goodlight LED lamps and luminaires. LEDs Magazine has featured one of their recent LED lighting installations at Team Sport in Gallrija Darmanin, Malta. The sportswear store is achieving 60% energy savings, simply by switching to Goodlight LED. With 850 sq meters of floor area, Gallrija Darmanin is Malta’s largest footwear store which has a wide selection of shoes for women, men and children, with sportswear on the second floor.  Based at a prime roadside location, Gallrija Darmanin was keen to investigate the use of ‘Day Light’ LEDs as a retrofit solution for the traditional G24 26W CFL lamps and traditional T8 neon tubes that had been installed previously. Having trialled numerous lamps and options from various suppliers, Gallrija Darmanin chose to install Goodlight LED products after investigations proved that their ‘Natural’ colour excelled in highlighting the earth colours of displayed items of sports and footwear in Team Sport and the use of ‘Day Light’ colour in the Darmanin Footwear store.

The 26W and 15W Goodlight™ LED Discs have greatly increased the quality of light in key display areas and across the shop floor throughout the Team Sport showroom and the 20W 4ft Goodlight™ LED tubes in the Darmanin Footwear showroom,. As an additional bonus, the LED lamps’ low heat emissions have resulted in a reduced need for air conditioning thereby providing even greater energy savings. Goodlight LEDs typically consume between 70% and 75% less energy than their traditional counterparts, with no reduction in lux levels and with a lifespan that is at least five times longer. All products are covered by a comprehensive five year warranty and offer a very short payback period and excellent return on investment.

Saviour Bone, INLED’s Managing Director, says, “The Goodlight range of retrofit LED lamps and luminaires offers the perfect blend of performance, quality and reliability. Designed in the UK and offering unparalleled energy savings, the Goodlight brand is quickly establishing an excellent reputation here in Malta.”