Located in Slough, Montem Leisure Centre is one of the region’s largest leisure arena’s offering an extensive range of sporting and fitness facilities.

As with most leisure or amenity buildings, energy consumption and usage is a major cost burden, given that these facilities have constant or long working hours. The Operations teams are always looking for any energy saving initiatives, that can improve their profitability whilst maintaining their services delivered on site, without compromise.


To make efficiencies across the portfolio, combating the need for costly re-lamping the lighting maintenance, in the quickest tie-frame. CO2 reduction is a major challenge for public-service buildings, and the wider agenda to be as green as they can.

Our Solution.

To replace the existing interior and exterior lighting with our LED alternatives. Products used include: LED High Bays in Sports Hall and LED Floodlights around the swimming centre. SON Replacements.


  • Save on electricity, maintenance and carbon
  • Retrofit- Simple and easy to upgrade to LED swap out like-for-like (in most cases)
  • 100% full brightness on switch on
  • Flicker and mercury free
  • 5 Years risk free lighting
  • 5-10 times the lifespan of traditional lamps
  • Rapid payback period- typically a 24/7 operation will recoup the investment within 0-2 years.

Fact: Lighting typically accounts for 20-25% of a buildings energy consumption. By converting your lighting can reduce this cost line by 50-58% with Goodlight LED.