The MOD were tasked with finding significant savings in their energy costs as well as a way of combating ongoing costs in the maintenance of lighting across 85 sites.

The MOD have a large amount of spending each month on their electricity bills. In addition to this, there was a large portion of thier annual maintenance budget that was sent on replacing faulty light bulbs and lamp replacements. As the budgets were being reduced year on year, their challenge was to find replacement lighting which would help reduce electricity costs as well as their annual maintenance spend on lighting.


To ensure that they could match their existing level of lighting whilst achieving significant cost reduction from electricity and on going maintenance.

Our Solution.

Along with their facilities management teams, they conducted an extensive trial of LED lighting, and decided to re-lamp with LED alternatives to meet all of their objectives. Goodlight LED lamps were chosen as the best solution in terms of quality of product, lighting performance and value for money, or price competitiveness. Added to this the Goodlight extensive 5 year guarantee ensured that they would not have to worry about the next five years, in case of any failures.


  • Save on electricity, maintenance and carbon
  • Retrofit- Simple and easy to upgrade to LED swap out like-for-like (in most cases)
  • 100% full brightness on switch on
  • Flicker and mercury free
  • 5 Years risk free lighting
  • 5-10 times the lifespan of traditional lamps
  • Rapid payback period- typically a 24/7 operation will recoup the investment within 0-2 years.

Fact: Lighting typically accounts for 20-25% of a building energy consumption. By covering your lighting you can reduce this cost line by 50-85% with Goodlight LED.