Goodlight has introduced low-energy, low-maintenance amenity lighting solutions for applications such as car parks, warehouses, street lighting and social housing. New LED options include Goodlight G5 Battens with SMART Sensor technology, 2D anti-corrosive Bulkhead luminaires and G360 SON retrofit replacement lamps. They deliver up to 80% energy savings and have a lifespan of three to five times that of traditional lighting.

Goodlight G5 LED Battens now offer SMART Sensor technology, allowing luminaires to be grouped and respond intelligently to lighting needs. The new G5 LED Battens are direct drop-in replacements for standard 2ft, 4ft and 5ft length single and twin tube fluorescent fittings. The G5 delivers very high levels of light output, offering an incredible 110Lm/W with a 120-degree beam angle for optimum spread.

The 2D LED Bulkhead luminares feature a rugged, yet stylish housing with a frosted PC diffuser. They are rated IP65 to prevent dust and water ingress, and feature anti-corrosive protection. They offer robust performance, and come with black trim to match most fascias, guttering and facades. The lights can be either wall or ceiling-mounted to enhance communal spaces, or used as the main security / comfort lighting in amenity applications.

G360 LED SON replacements lamps can be retrofitted in place of traditional metal halide or SON lamps in amenity installations, including bollards, globes, street lighting lamp heads and canopies. Delivering a high lumen output of 140Lm/W, they provide a 30% increase in brightness levels along with a 360-degree beam angle, and uniquely featuring a virtually silent MagLev fan for unrivalled heat management.

Amenity lighting is one of many applications where LED lighting technology can offer more efficient light, designed to enhance any space, at a lower cost of ownership.