We teamed up with A1 for their latest issue of A1 Retail Magazine to provide information on what retailers can do to embrace their ‘green’ side. Together, we take a look at just some of the options available for retailers to become greener for both energy savings and improved stores.

We need to do more to look after our planet and as more and more peple acknowledge this we are seeing a trend for retailers to be doing their bit too.

Many retailers understand that by actively promoting their green credentials they will not only save money and energy, but also they will gain credibility in the eyes of their target market.


Basingstoke celebrates a Green Week which seems a showcase of environmentally friendly events and activities during the week of Saturday 17 September to Sunday 25 September. Festival Place shopping centre will this year be supporting the event with a host of activities including a special family friendly lighting event.

Speaking about the event, Centre Director at Festival Place, Steven Connolly, said “We are delighted to be getting involved with Green Week for another year. caring for the environment is a key part of Festival Place’s ethos and we are particularly passionate about educating the public on how they can be more sustainable whilst caring for their surroundings.

Many retailers may understand the need to save money and energy but may be unsure as to the best route to take to fulfil this need. Lighting a retail space often amounts to a large outlay of both money and energy so this can be a good place to start.


LED lighting offers a number of substantial benefits and is significantly more energy efficient than traditional bulbs and fluorescent tubes. LEDs offer reduced energy bills and can produce a superior illuminating with capabilities for dimming and virtually no maintenance with much longer lifespans per bulb.

LED Eco Lights manufacture the award-winning Goodlight brand which offers a five year guarantee on all LED lamps and luminaires. Many LEDs, including Goodlight, can also be retrofitted which means the products can be fitted straight in to the existing fitting, reducing installation time which is perfect to minimise disruption to a busy retailer.

Many companies offer specifically designed financial deals meaning many retailers can install products with little or no financial outlay. LED Eco Lights offers BrightPlan, a pay-as-you-save leasing scheme which can eliminate the need for any monetary investment to be made in advance making budgeting easier and what’s more, every payment is 100% allowable against tax.

— Published in A1 Retail Magazine (September issue). Read the issue here.