The relentless march of technology has been one of the hallmarks of the 21st Centry and no more so than in the lighting industry. As LED lamps and luminaires have become the first choice for users across industry, commerce and retail, the performance and reliability of these products have been enhanced by the incorporation of technologically-advanced features.

Goodlight 2D LED Lamp Emergency Function Red Light Sensor

Recent introductions include a 2D lamp that has been engineered as a unique, controllable, ‘three-in-one’ single lamp solution. The new super bright 12W LED model replaces standard 28W CFL lamps and offers presence detection, automatic dimming and emergency battery back-up without the need for separately fitted components.

Goodlight GX1 LED High Bay 120W Matt Black

A new LED High Bay lamp is supported and enhanced by a unique heat management system. This cutting edge technology relies upon an innovative Copper Cooling Column that swiftly and evenly pulls heat away from the LED across the heat sink. In addition, a patented ‘phase-change’ liquid core ensures rapid heat transfer thereby maintaining more lumens for longer.

Goodlight G360 LED SON Replacement Lamps

Completing this technological trio is a new LED SON lamp that incorporates magnetic levitation – MagLev – fan technology, matched to an ingenious heat sink, to provide a unique thermal management system. This means that the lamps utilise higher powered LED chips – achieving 140 lumens per watt – to operate ultra reliably at temperatures above 70°C thereby achieving unparalleled brightness.

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