Goodlight, a leading LED lighting brand, have announced that Neesham Public Relations, a B2B technology PR agency, has replaced the outdated fluorescent tubes at its offices in Buckinghamshire with long life, energy efficient Eco LED Ceiling Panels from the Goodlight range.  With energy consumption halved, payback following installation is likely to be achieved within three years, and maintenance costs eliminated.

Commenting, Peter van der Sluijs, Managing Director at Neesham said, “We were keen to adopt LED lighting, not only for the substantial reduction in energy costs and carbon footprint, but also to provide a better working environment for our staff. We chose Goodlight LED lighting based on the positive reviews from many satisfied customers.  Installation was straightforward and the new Goodlight Eco LED Ceiling Panels were fitted in less than a day.  Each panel took less than 30 minutes to install and it took me that long to change one fluorescent tube!”

Goodlight supplied Neesham with ultra-thin, 600mm square Eco LED Ceiling Panels that draw just 40W and have a colour temperature of 4000K (natural). They are designed to slot easily into an existing ceiling grid and offer beautiful, even illumination without glare or flicker.  “The difference in the light quality of the new LED lighting compared to the old fluorescent tubes is astounding,” added Peter van der Sluijs.  “Not only do they emit a cleaner, brighter light throughout the office space but aesthetically, they blend in seamlessly with our existing ceiling tiles. We have received very positive feedback from our staff since they were installed.”

Commenting on the success of the project, Saima Shafi, Marketing Director, Goodlight said, “We are delighted to support Neesham with their conversion to LED lighting.  Our Eco LED Ceiling Panels are specifically designed for retrofit applications and provide immediate energy savings up to 70%.  They are guaranteed for five years and rated at 50,000 hours.”