Goodlight LED PL Lamps in The Mall Cribbs Causeway Bristol

The Cribbs Causeway Mall near Bristol, has been voted “Shopping Centre of the Year”. It compromises of two retail levels and will also be home to the Bristol Fashion Week which is held in March and September every year. There are over 130 top name stores and it also has the largest outdoor ice rink in the South West of England.
LED Eco Lights has supplied its Goodlight retrofit LED lamps and luminaires which have helped to reduce costs. They also provide a very welcoming atmosphere. Goodlight LED uplighting is featured on the first floor and complements the architecture of the building and highlights the individual retail outlets, creating an enjoyable and stress-free shopping experience.

They have also used Goodlight LED lighting to illuminate the network of service roads which are beneath the Mall and brighten the on-site outdoor bus stop areas. Following impressive performance and reliability, the initial lighting trial was augmented by further Goodlight LED installations within the Mall’s atrium, delivering impressive overall energy savings and helping to reduce the burden on lamp maintenance.