Safer, cost-effective outdoor school lighting with expanded LED lighting options from LED Eco Lights

LED alternatives available for traditional fluorescent tube fixtures, 2D luminaires, bulkheads, metal halide and SON lamps.
Energy savings up to 80%, maintenance savings of 95%


G5 LED battens with SMART Sensor technology

Goodlight G5 LED battens now offer SMART Sensor technology, allowing luminaires to be grouped and respond intelligently to exterior lighting needs. By switching to LED, schools can reduce their lighting energy bill by up to 80%. The new G5 LED battens are direct drop-in replacements for standard 2ft, 4ft and 5ft length single and twin tube fluorescent fittings. The G5 delivers very high levels of light output, offering an incredible 110Lm/W with a 120-degree beam angle for optimum spread.

Housed in a sleek body, the Goodlight G5 is shielded by a high-density rubber seal, giving it fivefold protection against the environment. The seal offers IP65 protection against water, dust and corrosion, plus the fitting can withstand exposure to frost, snow and ice. It can operate in extreme temperatures from -20 to +50°C, and is highly robust, thanks to an impact protection rating of IK08.

2D LED bulkhead

New 2D LED bulkhead luminaires feature a rugged, yet stylish housing with an opal PC diffuser. For external use, they are rated IP65 to prevent dust and water ingress, together with anti-corrosive protection to protect against harsh pollutants and coastal salt spray. As well as rugged performance, they come with black trim to match most fascias, guttering and facades. The 2Ds can be either wall or ceiling-mounted to enhance exterior communal spaces, or as the main security/comfort lighting in exterior applications. Versions include standard, integral microwave sensor and emergency battery (3-hour) back-up.

G360 LED SON replacement lamps

G360 LED SON replacement lamps can be retrofitted in place of traditional metal halide or SON lamps in external installations including bollards, globes, street lighting lamp heads and canopies. Delivering a high lumen output of 140Lm/W, they provide a 30% increase in brightness levels along with 360-degree beam angle. In high powered models, heat is well-managed with a unique on-board MagLev fan cooling system, which ensures silent operation (less than 0.5dB) and allows use in extreme temperature conditions outdoors. This radical design incorporates new vent ducts which create maximum airflow around the lamp ensuring that the heat is drawn away from the LED, therefore significantly improving reliability, consistency and performance of the lamp. G360™ LED lamps retrofit into existing fittings, replacing traditional sodium, metal halide and HID lamps up to 250W. They are ideally suited to school exteriors, road and pathway lighting and bollards on school campuses and sports grounds.

Commenting, Saima Shafi, sales and marketing director at LED Eco Lights said, “Our LED lighting technology offers schools more efficient light at lower cost, without the drawbacks of other low energy lighting technologies. Our LED lamps and luminaires reach full brightness instantly, and are virtually maintenance free with no ballasts or starters needed. This is especially beneficial in external fittings where the environment is harsher and light fittings may be hard to access. LEDs are also free of the migraine-inducing flicker of traditional tube lights, and contain no heavy metals making them easy to dispose of safely and are much less hazardous in the unlikely event of a breakage.”

“Our products are already proven in exterior installations like Frosts Garden Centres, London Underground and nationally across a major supermarket chain,” adds Saima Shafi. “We are confident that schools will experience the same technical and financial benefits.”

Schools can fund lighting replacement programmes from their operating budgets by taking advantage of the company’s BrightPlan LED leasing scheme. This allows the replacement lights to be paid for directly by the energy savings and the customer will own the lights outright at the end of the lease. LED Eco Lights is offering a free site survey which will provide a detailed breakdown of suitable replacement light fittings, the installed cost and the return on investment from savings on energy and maintenance costs. The five-year, 50,000 hours guarantee from LED Eco Lights makes exterior installation risk-free.