Baker Street was one of the first London Underground stations to open in 1863, and has become one of the first to benefit from new LED lighting, which has raised light levels and slashed maintenance costs dramatically. The station expects to save £1.5 million in six years thanks to the new lighting.

The station is of the ‘cut and cover’ variety, built by digging a trench and then covering it up again. It was originally lit by a combination of gaslight and daylight coming through the alcoves at the back of the platforms, which were open to the street above. These were long since closed up, and in recent years the platforms have looked dim and dingy.

The original pendant metal halide luminaires made in the 1980s by DW Windsor have now been replaced with 60W LED SON lamps from Goodlight. The station is now benefiting from superb bright light output which has completely transformed the once dark and gloomy Baker Street train station.

Thanks to Nick Adams for the photo.