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Explore our LED Outdoor Lighting range designed for all industries. Our Outdoor range is protected to IP65 or greater, rated for 50,000 hours and provide up to an incredible 130Lm/W output. Plus, our Exterior LED Luminaires are quick and easy to install, saving you both time and money.

Outdoor LED Battens

G5 LED Batten

Housed inside a super-sleek body, the G5 LED Batten is a linear luminaire that delivers an impressive 110Lm/W output. The G5 incorporates 5 way protection against the elements – making it waterproof (IP65), dust-proof, corrosion-proof, ice-proof and heat-proof.

Installation of the G5 is super-easy, taking electricians less than 10 minutes, with installation options including suspended or surface-mounted. It is no wonder it is the quickest fluorescent tube upgrade to LED! The G5 LED Batten is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Ideal for illuminating warehouses, retail stores, car parks, offices, leisure, refrigeration healthcare spaces. The G5 features a glass-free and shatterproof PC lens which provides uniform light that transmits over 95% light efficacy, making it additionally suitable for food and drink factories. Available in 2ft to 5ft lengths with optional Emergency Battery Back Up (3 Hours).

Learn more about the G5 here.

Eco LED Batten

A tough and sturdy linear Eco LED Batten that delivers up to an incredible 110Lm/W efficacy, replacing standard fluorescent and anti-corrosive batten and tube fixtures. This economic LED Batten has an impact protection rating of IK08, designed to provide rugged performance in the most toughest environments, including car parks, warehousing, engineering, industrial, manufacturing, production, retail and more. The Eco LED Batten is protected to IP65, providing protection against both water and dust ingress, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

The Eco LED Batten is available in Natural (4,000K) colour temperature, two wattages; 40W and 50W and in three models; standard, emergency and emergency self-test.

Learn more about the Eco LED Batten here

Outdoor LED High Bays & Low Bays

GX2 Linear LED High Bay

The GX2 is a Linear LED High Bay solution that replaces metal halide high bays up to 500W. It is a robust, ultra-efficient, IP65 rated LED High Bay that delivers an outstanding light output of 130Lm/W from its wide beam angle. Thanks to its sleek, linear design, it is perfect for lighting up large areas including warehouse racking, loading bays, factories, car parks and more. With a high Impact Protection Rating of IK10, the GX2 is protected against 20 joules impact, the highest of its kind. With sliding brackets for straight-forward installation, the GX2 can be surface-mounted or suspended from 4m to 15m heights. Rated 50,000 hours. Compatible with Light Boss Wireless Lighting Control.

Available in Daylight colour temperature, with dimmable models including 1-10V and Meanwell Sensor.

Learn more about the GX2 here.

GX1 LED Low Bay

The GX1 LED Low Bay provides the ultimate solution to traditional SON and metal halide Low Bay and Floodlights fixtures. Featuring a 100° beam angle and delivering a bright output of 110Lm/W, the GX1 LED Low Bay provides even light spread with no shadowing. Savings of up to 75% in energy can be made and further 95% in maintenance. Rated to IP65 to prevent dust and water ingress, the GX1 LED Low Bay is suitable for installing into applications from 4m and above in a variety of applications including industrial, warehouses, storage, external buildings, car parks, atria and retail/sheds.

Learn more about the GX1 LED Low Bay here.

Outdoor LED Floodlights

LED Floodlight

Illuminate those dark spaces with our super-bright LED Floodlights. The Goodlight™ IP66 LED Floodlights are sleek in appearance and superior in performance, boosting an impressive 110Lm/W brightness. They are the perfect solution to metal halide, halogen and sodium floodlights and replace traditional floodlighting from 50W to 250W.

Features include a rotatable and lockable mounting bracket for precise and angled lighting on walls, ceiling or even on the ground. Ideal for lighting large spaces including exteriors and interiors, industrial, engineering, processing, production, storage and distribution, sports and leisure venues.

Learn more about the LED Floodlight IP66 here.

Outdoor 2D LED Bulkheads

2D Exterior LED Bulkhead

The 2D Anti Corrosive is an IP65 LED Bulkhead that delivers up to 80Lm/W efficacy. The Anti-Corrosive is perfect for both exterior and interior lighting requirements, withstanding water and dust. The lamp has been designed with a frosted polycarbonate diffuser (glass-free). It is a suitable replacement for traditional bulkhead lights, drawing just 12W of energy. It is super easy to install, featuring no visible screws and twist on/off covers. The Anti-Corrosive 2D LED Bulkhead is suitable for industrial, engineering, commercial, amenity, healthcare, social housing, apartments plus coastal environments too.

Options include with / without eyelid cover. Model variants include Standard, Emergency (3 Hour), Sensor (Microwave 0-100%) and Sensor Emergency. All models are available in Daylight and Natural colour temperatures and come with a 5 Year Guarantee.

Learn more about the 2D LED Exterior Bulkhead here.

Outdoor LED SON Lamps

G360 LED SON Lamps

The G360™ LED SON Replacement Lamps replace traditional sodium, metal halide and HID lamps (up to 250W) and deliver a staggering 140Lm/W brightness from its 360° beam angle. Due to its advanced cooling, the G360™ LED chips can be run up to 30% brighter. Suitable for applied lighting, warehousing, storage, industrial, exteriors, street lighting, bollards and belisha beacons.

Pioneering Magnetic Levitation Fan Technology, the G360™ is kept cool, eliminating issues previously associated with traditional motor-based fans. The G360™ features revolutionary new vent ducts which create maximum airflow around the lamp ensuring that the heat is drawn away from the LED, therefore significantly improving reliability, consistency and performance of the lamp.

Learn more about the G360 LED Son Replacement Lamp here.

Outdoor LED Downlights

G5 LED Downlight

The G5 LED Downlights replace standard CFL and halogen downlights and are ideal for illuminating retail shops, task lighting, reception areas, boardrooms and other commercial environments. The G5 LED Downlights deliver up to 94Lm/W brightness and are rated IP65, preventing water ingress. They are suitable for installing internally and externally. The G5 LED Downlights are available in two beam angles – 72° and 74°, depending on your application. Featuring a microprismatic PMMA diffuser, it provides bright, consistent light output that is glare and flicker free. Rated 50,000 hours.

Dimmable and Emergency options available. Available in Natural colour temperature.

Learn more about the G5 LED Downlight here

5 Year Guarantee

The Goodlight LED Outdoor Lighting range are rated for 50,000 hours and supported by a 5 Year Guarantee against failure. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our products which is why all of our LED lighting is backed by a 5 Year Guarantee, supported by all of the live Goodlight LED installations that have already exceeded 5 Years. Learn more about our 5 Year Guarantee here.

Compatible with Light Boss™

Wireless Lighting Control

All of Goodlight Exterior Lighting products are compatible with Light Boss™ Wireless Lighting Control. Light Boss™ puts an intuitive lighting system at the heart of your building’s operation. Automate your lighting triggered by occupancy, daylight or user preference. Light Boss™ dims down your lighting when no one is around, or when it detects natural light, and turns back on again when it is needed, for the ultimate energy efficient lighting control.

Suitable for new builds and retrofits. Light Boss™ provides ‘live’ reporting on the energy consumption of all connected lighting fixtures, allowing energy management via a single dashboard – an ideal tool for complete energy performance of single or multi-site estates. Operate your lighting where it is needed, rather than at 100% continually, allowing you to minimise energy consumption by up to 95%, extend lighting lifecycles and lower maintenance costs. Payback from as little as 1.5 years.

Other features include; Energy Monitoring, Emergency Light Testing, Daylight Monitoring, Service Plus, LED Fault Monitoring, Group and Scene Setting and Circadian Lighting. Suitable for offices, warehouses, retail, leisure, car parks, education, healthcare, amenity, logistics and transportation.

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