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Goodlight™ T8 retrofit LED tube lighting is set to reduce energy consumption by 75% and achieve full payback within two years for BAM Nuttall Limited.

BAM Nuttall have replaced their existing lighting system to their underground car park at the Camberley, Surrey Head Office car park. The existing system featured 4ft T8 switch start fluorescent fittings which were over 25 years old and beyond their serviceable life. The company recognised that the time was right to not only upgrade the electrical wiring but also invest in a modern and efficient lighting system that would require minimal maintenance in a busy car park.

Following a thorough assessment and evaluation process, it was recommended that a complete replacement of the existing lighting arrangement with fittings incorporating its Goodlight™ T8 retrofit LED tubes. These popular tubes operate independently of external control gear and feature a soft-start function to ensure a gentle inrush of current when switched on. Other features include a high performance, fully isolated driver, an aluminium heat sink for controlled thermal management plus effective surge protection with auto-restart. Precise angled illumination is also assured by the simple yet novel rotation of the tubes’ end pins.

David Winterton, BAM Nuttall’s Energy Manager, is very pleased with the impact of the Goodlight™ installation. He says, “The improved quality of LED lighting meant that this change could be made without compromising lighting levels within the underground car park and, coupled with motion detectors, meant that the lighting would be flicker free on start up. As a Group, we are committed in the UK to reduce our carbon impact. It is important that, as the Head Office, we demonstrate our commitment by trialling new technologies. The car park also shows our visitors that LED is now a viable alternative to traditional lighting methods.

“Our overall energy consumption is estimated to be reduced by 75% with an estimated payback of just under two years from energy savings alone. If we were to factor in full lifecycle costs then this would drop even further. I have had a number of companies demonstrate their LED products over the years and the Goodlight™ T8 retrofit offering was, in my opinion, the best on the market.”

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