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Guide to Warehouse LED Lighting

          The use of LED lighting is on the rise in warehouses with companies reaping the benefits of huge energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. Warehouses and industrial buildings can present harsh environments – lighting may be required to operate in extremes of temperature and humidity, may be exposed to atmospheres […]

What is a SAS metal ceiling system?

What is a SAS metal ceiling system? The SAS330 is a suspended metal ceiling system with lay-in tiles and profile suspension grid. They are flexible and one of the most popular ceilings used in office space, especially in new buildings eg in central London. The design flexibility of SAS330 allows for complete void access for […]

Ovo LED High Bay (IP66) with SMART functions

A highly robust and efficient LED High Bay with integrated SMART functions for group-controllable lighting Ovo is a highly robust and efficient LED High Bay with integrated SMART functions for group-controllable lighting. Ovo looks good naked, but can be supplied with an optional PC reflector (as pictured) for accurate light guidance. Available in 100W and […]

Save on energy bills by switching to LED

                    Save on energy bills by switching to LED Worried about rising energy costs? Energy-efficient lighting helps lower electricity bills and carbon dioxide emissions, all without reducing the quality of light in our homes.  Lighting makes up 15% of the average UK household electricity consumption, so […]

Introducing the next generation of G360 replacement lamps

The next generation of G360 From 18W to 54W, the second generation of G360™ epitomises power and precision and can be used in a wide array of environments whilst still producing performance unlike any other lamp before it The second generation of G360 LED SON Replacement Lamps replace traditional sodium, metal halide and HID lamps […]

HEPA Air Purifiers – Sanitising Schools, office and healthcare

Breathe freshly filtered, clean air with our professional range of UVC Air Purifiers with H13 HEPA air filtration. Goodlight UVC & HEPA Air Purifiers deep clean and purify the air in your working environment, filtering out 99.9% of harmful particulate matter, germs, bacteria and odours with a five-stage filtration process. H13 HEPA Air Filtration removes […]


DALI Dimmable LED Tubes from Goodlight

DALI Dimmable LED Tubes from Goodlight Upgrade your fluorescent tubes to something better. With longer lifespans and big savings, it’s time to make the switch.  Featuring a frosted cover, this tube looks just like a fluorescent tube once installed, delivering a superb, even light spread with no shadowing Goodlight LED Fluoro-style Tubes are rated for […]

LED Downlights from Goodlight

The Goodlight range of LED Downlights provide bright and clean lighting that is evenly distributed using the least amount of energy. Choose from a wide selection of LED Downlights – recessed, suspended and surface mounted.   The Elegante  The Goodlight™ Elegante LED Downlight is a design-driven, ceiling surface-mounted luminaire which seamlessly blends into interiors with […]