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Energy Savings


Maintenance Savings

Goodlight 5 Year Guarantee
Colour Temperature Warm, Daylight, Natural
Wattage 25W,30W,40W,50W
Operating Temp -20°C to 50°C
Beam Angle 120°
Lumens per Watt 110Lm/W
CRI >80Ra
IP Rating IP65
Impact Protection IK08
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Finish Silver
Impact Protection IK08
Size 1ft, 2ft, 4ft, 5ft
Materials PVC & PC lens (Shatterproof)
Dimmable Yes

G5 LED Batten (SMART Sensor) Description

A multi-action LED Batten featuring a controllable SMART Sensor to meet the requirements of the most challenging commercial and industrial environments.

The Goodlight G5 multi-functional LED batten (Linear) is designed to replace standard fluorescent fixtures in interior and exterior applications. The unit is housed in a sleek body, and IP65-protected with a high-density silicon rubber seal, making it waterproof (IP65), dust proof and anti-corrosive (weather-proof).

The fitting is totally glass-free and shatter-proof, featuring a PC lens which provides uniform light which transmits over 95% light efficacy, making it additionally suitable for food and drink production environments. Featuring a built-in RF wireless sensor which allows full control of the luminaire. It also allows the G5 to communicate with other G5 luminiaries via grouping methods (slave and master). Also features Daylight Threshold Monitoring and Tri-level Dimming. You can manually adjust the settings of the luminaire with a remote control (information available on request).

The G5 delivers up to 110 lumens per watt of brightness, utilising SMD2835 LEDs, with a 120° beam angle for optimal light spread. The G5 can be recessed, suspended or surface-mounted. Supplied with stainless steel mounting clips, as standard, for an easy and simple installation (surface-mounted).


G5 LED Batten (SMART Sensor) Features

  • Replaces standard, twin fluorescent fixtures
  • Built-in RF wireless sensors
  • Daylight threshold monitoring
  • Dimming
  • Available in Daylight (5.8K – 6.1K), Natural (4K – 4.2K), Warm (3K – 3.1K)
  • Multi-Protection: Dust Proof, Corrosion Proof & Water Proof (IP65)
  • Suitable for commercial and industrial environments
  • Optional emergency function
  • Available in 1ft, 2ft, 4ft & 5ft lengths


G5 LED Batten (SMART Sensor) Applications

  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Car Parks
  • Amenity Lighting
  • Offices & Commercial
  • Cold Storage & Refrigeration
  • Food and Drink Production
  • Factories
  • Healthcare


G5 LED Batten (SMART Sensor) Grouping Function


  • Wireless (RF-enabled) Master/Slave functions for grouping of fixtures e.g. corridors, stairwells, car parks etc.
  • 1 – The first sensor detects motion, turns the light on to 100% and sends signal to the second sensors at the same time. The second light is switched to stand-by brightness.
  • 2 – The person walks to the second floor, the second sensor turns on the light to 100%, meanwhile, the third light is switched to stand-by brightness.
  • 3 – The person walks to the third floor, the third sensor turns on the light to 100%, meanwhile, the fourth light is switched to stand-by brightness. The first light is dimmed to stand-by brightness after hold-time.
  • 4 – The person walks to the fourth floor, the fourth sensor turns on the light to 100%, meanwhile, the next light is switched to stand-by brightness. The first light is off aer stand-by period and the second light is dimmed to stand-by brightness.

For Staircases


  • 1 – With sufficient natural light, the sensor is not triggered by motion.
  • 2 – With insufficient natural light, the sensor is triggered by motion, the master switches on the light and sends RF ON signal to all slaves.
  • 3 – After the hold-time, the whole group of G5 LED Battens dim to pre-defined dimming level when no movement is detected.
  • 4 – The whole group of G5 LED Battens switch off automatically aer the stand-by period.

For Car Parks


  • In-built sensors monitor natural daylight levels for maximum energy savings.
  • With sufficent natural light levels within the area, the fixtures will not turn on, when presence is detected.
  • When light level falls below the preset (daylight) threshold, the fixtures will automatically turn on when presence is detected.
  • 1 – With sufficient daylight, the light does not switch on even if there is movement detected.
  • 2 – At dusk, as the natural light drops below the preset level, the sensor turns on the light in the dimmed mode.
  • 3 – The light switches to 100% when there is movement detected.
  • 4 – The light dims to stand-by level aer the hold time. 100% on when movement detected, and 10% on when there is no movement detected.
  • 5 – At dawn, the light turns off completely when natural light reaches above daylight threshold.
  • 6 – Light does not switch on even when movement is detected during the daytime (with sufficient natural light).


  • When an area has been vacated, the fixtures can be set to dim to a preset 10% / 30% / 50% light level with a pre-set hold time (30 secs/ 1,5,10,30 mins) .

G5 LED Batten (Smart Sensor) Technical Parameters (Standard)



Product Code

Colour Temperature

1200 x 124 x 43 (4ft) 25W G5LED452HSN
1200 x 124 x 43 (4ft) 40W G5LED402HSN
1500 x 124 x 43(5ft 30W G5LED532HSN
1500 x 124 x 43(5ft) 50W G5LED502HSN


Lumens per Watt